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hydraSense Nasal Aspirator Starter Kit

hydraSense-nasal-aspirator Photo: Lisa Marie Fletcher

When my daughter was born at the end of May, our family was knocked down with a horribly nasty cold.

At just two weeks old, my new little peanut was a sneezing, snotty mess and was struggling to breathe. That first cold with a new baby is always stressful—whether it's your first or your fifth child. I did what I could, including keeping her upright all the time, even at night. That helped a little.

My friend then asked if I'd ever tried a saline nasal aspirator. Honestly, I didn't want to! With visions of those big bulb sinus suckers and thoughts of drowning my newborn by flushing her face with water, I just stubbornly continued to wipe her snotty face after a sneeze and held her upright for hours on end, all day and night.

When she recently started getting stuffy again, I decided to try hydraSense—a little kit of everything you need to help clear nasal congestion for newborns and infants.

At first glance, I’ll admit I felt overwhelmed. But I grabbed the instructions to learn more before judging or giving up. I learned this product is basically the non-gross way to suck snot out of your baby’s nose.

You take the little bulb part, stick a filter paper in and attach the tubing. Then you squirt a few drops of saline solution into their nose. (Tip: Follow the instructions to turn their head sideways or the drops will go down their throat and choke your sweet baby. Don't ask how I know this.) After this, you stick the soft, rubber bulb into the nostril and the opposite end of the tubing into your mouth and you suck. All the snot gets pulled out into the bulb.


Gross? Yes, admittedly. But MUCH better than all that green stuff going into your mouth! The filter and tubing keep that grossness away from you.

Cleaning it was easy. The bulb section comes apart into three pieces, meaning you can access every nook and cranny and get all that gunk out. Plus, it’s translucent, so you can see that it's clean.

It comes in a hard case, too—keeping everything you need in one spot, which is handy in a busy house of curious kids.

HydraSense's Nasal Aspirator is going to be a regular part of our cold fighting routine from here on out. I know it's going to save me many hours of stress with my little one. This busy mom is impressed!

Lisa Marie is a busy, homeschooling mom to four boys and a baby girl. When not teaching or chasing a child, she's usually at her computer, where she spends her time helping other homeschooling families across Canada through her website—The Canadian Homeschooler.


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nasal aspirator

It’s easy to feel completely helpless when your baby is all stuffed up from a cold, but you can help relieve her congestion by using this nasal aspirator to suck out the mucus clogging her nose. The starter set comes with the nasal aspirator, five “Easydose” vials of sterile, desalinated sea water (to soften mucus) and five single-use filters. Boogers are no match against you!

Where to buy: $22,>

This article was originally published on Feb 09, 2015

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