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Tested: IÖGO Nano Drinkable Yogurt

Kathryn Lavallee of tested IÖGO Nano Drinkable Yogurt for Today's Parent. Here's what she had to say.

Untitled Kathryn's son tries out IOGO Nano Drinkable Yogurt.

My boys and I have had our share of struggles when it comes to their eating habits. Zackary has always been the “meat and potatoes” type, and Benjamin loves fruit but for awhile ate almost nothing else. Both shunned every vegetable I offered them and if I tried to make something that combined multiple ingredients like lasagna…well, I could forget about either one of them even tasting it.

To my infinite relief, they’ve become much better eaters in the last year or so, but even at their pickiest, there was one food that my boys and I always agreed on, and that was yogurt. So when IÖGO Nano Drinkable Yogurt was chosen as a Today’s Parent Approved product, I knew I had found a new perfect snack for lunches, outings and busy mornings. The drinks are available in packages of six and are ideal for busy parents and kids alike.

So what makes it such an ideal snack? For one thing, it’s made with natural ingredients such as real fruit puree with no artificial flavours, preservatives, artificial colours or gelatin. Finding a yogurt with natural ingredients can be trickier than it seems so, as a parent, I appreciated the fact that IÖGO had kept the ingredients I didn’t want out of my boys’ food. And one serving of the yogurt has as much calcium as a 125ml glass of milk!

The other wonderful thing about IÖGO Nano, though, is its portability. It’s designed to be easy to take out of the house, easy to carry and easy to drink. That means it’s a great breakfast for Zackary to drink on the way to school on that one day when we all wake up late, and also a great snack on a road trip or to take along when running errands. The spill-proof cap is designed to be easy to open, but still seal completely when closed. Just press in the sides of the cap to flip it open and drink!


Of course, as months of food battles have demonstrated, my opinion on food is not the only one that matters. Luckily, Zackary and Benjamin loved IÖGO Nano Drinkable Yogurt too! They enjoyed the fun fruit flavours of the tangy drink and Zackary especially liked opening the cap to have a few sips and then closing it back up again to save it for later. Best of all, they could both have their snack without my having to worry about a mess to clean up later!


Seeing how much my boys enjoy these convenient and healthy drinks makes it easy for me to understand why IÖGO Nano Drinkable Yogurt was chosen as a Today’s Parent Approved product. With a kid-friendly taste and design combined with the benefits parents want such as convenience and natural ingredients, what’s not to love?


Kathryn Lavallee of, mom of two, Saskatchewan.  Owner of the award-winning Canadian mom blog Mommy Kat and Kids, Kathryn loves organic chocolate, hot coffee and sleeping in late whenever possible. Follow her on Twitter @MommyKatandKids, and like her page on Facebook.

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Kathryn Lavallee is the mother of two energetic little boys and the owner of the award-winning Canadian mom blog Mommy Kat and Kids. She loves organic chocolate, hot coffee and sleeping in late whenever possible. Visit her at