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Parent's Choice Diapers Giant Pack

Photo: Elizabeth Lampman Photo: Elizabeth Lampman

I recently received a Parent’s Choice Baby Diapers Giant Pack to try out with my family as part of the Today’s Parent Approved program.

My one-year-old daughter, Ava, is always on the go. This is one little girl that does not like to sit and cuddle—she far prefers running non-stop.

She needs a diaper that moves with her and keeps her dry so she can play longer and harder. Comfort and fit are top features on our list when we shop for diapers. And if we can get both at a great price, well, that is pretty nice too!

We tested out a pack of Parent’s Choice Baby Diapers in size three as Ava is just a tiny little thing at only 22 lbs.

At only $19.94 for a box of 144 diapers, the price is definitely right, but do they truly offer value for your money? We are used to paying over twice as much for our usual diaper brand for a similarly sized box.

Photo: Elizabeth Lampman Photo: Elizabeth Lampman


I noticed right away just how thin these diapers are. In fact, they’re advertised as featuring an ultra-thin absorbent core. I really appreciate having something less bulky on Ava since she is on the smaller side.

These diapers also have wide side panels that offer a nice stretch for a really great fit no matter how much Ava’s monkeying around.

The deep interior gussets do a wonderful job of keeping messes inside the diaper. They’re also hypoallergenic, as well as dye and perfume-free, which makes them a great option if your baby has sensitive skin.

I was a bit worried about leaks because of how thin the core is on these diapers, but so far, so good.

The fit and absorbency of the Parent’s Choice Baby Diapers has really impressed me with their performance. I can say without hesitation that these diapers offer really great value!


Elizabeth of Frugal Mom Eh! is a thirtysomething mom to a two-year-old girl and a baby girl. Elizabeth and her family live in urban southcentral Ontario. She was a successful IT professional before finding her true love as a stay-at-home mom. Follow her on TwitterFacebook and, of course, her blog for all her budget-friendly tips. 


Keeping your baby in diapers shouldn’t put your bank account in the red. At just $19.94 for a box of 144 diapers, these hypoallergenic, dye- and perfume-free diapers are an exceptionally economical option. An ultra-thin, absorbent core helps keep baby dry, and the soft and stretchy side panels are perfect for creating a snug fit. (Walmart’s free shipping is a bonus for big items like this, especially if you don’t have a car!)

Parents say: “Value for your money, especially considering how many diapers babies use in one day.”

Where to buy:  $19.94,>

This article was originally published on Feb 09, 2015

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