Petit Coulou Protective Cover For Baby Car Seat

Photo: Kate Allen Photo: Kate Allen

We’ve all heard the debate over what kids should wear in car seats. It’s quite a conundrum because you want to keep your baby warm, but you also don’t want anything to get in the way of keeping her safe. And for your own sanity, you don’t want something that will blow off when a gust of wind hits. The Today’s Parent Approved Petit Coulou Protective Cover for infant car seats solves all of these issues and more. Here are just a few reasons why I’m recommending this winter infant car seat cover to my friends.

Keeps baby warm during winter The Petit Coulou Winter Cover leaves no doubt in my mind that my baby is toasty warm, even when it’s frigid outside. The soft polar fleece layer is touchably soft, and the outer part of the shell is water repellent for when you’re out in the rain and snow. I don’t know about where you live, but the weather can be incredibly cold here, so it’s important that my baby is warm and dry. And not to worry, the cover doesn’t interfere with the car seat harness.

Petit Coulou Protective Cover For Baby Car Seat Photo: Kate Allen

Easy to use This cover is really easy to attach to any infant car seat. One of my favourite things about the Petit Coulou Protective Cover is that it actually attaches to the car seat (via clips around the handle), so it won’t fall off. If you’ve tried to put blankets over your infant car seat on a day with even the slightest amount of wind, you know how unsuccessful that can be. Blankets never stay on, no matter how you place them or tie them, but the Petit Coulou Protective Cover won’t budge. It has side reinforcements that prevent it from collapsing onto your baby and leave enough room for your little one to move her arms around.

Easy access Another reason I fell in love with the Petit Coulou Protective Cover is because the full-length zipper makes it easy to get my baby in and out. There’s nothing complicated about this cover: You can unzip it and get baby out without collapsing the whole thing. You can even unzip the cover a bit when you’re riding in the car if you think it will be too hot and then zip it back up when you’re headed back into cold weather.

The Petit Coulou Protective Cover is a super-safe way to keep your baby warm during those chilly months. To see the cover in action and how easy it is to attach, check out this video:


You don’t need to worry about what kind of jacket your child will wear or how she will stay warm. The Petit Coulou Protective Cover has it all figured out for you.

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This protective cover is like a sleeping bag for your infant car seat. The high-performance thermal insulator keeps baby cozy in temperatures as low as -25°C—no bulky blankets or snowsuits required! The fuss-free design won’t interfere with your seat’s important safety features, and the zippered front makes it easy to take baby in and out, as well as to adjust her temperature. Choose from a variety of adorable styles, from sweet ladybugs to bundled-up bears.

Parents say: “I used this the whole time my son was in his bucket seat. Great for little ones who are too small for winter snowsuits.”

Where to buy: $143,>

This article was originally published on Feb 04, 2015

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