This little girl has the absolute cutest giggle you've ever heard

When pilot daddy takes his four-year-old daughter for a whirl, she is overcome with the most adorable fit of giggles!

Little Léa Langumier has been riding in planes with her pilot dad since she was a wee two-year-old. But there was one condition: Daddy could not flip the plane upside down.

When Léa turned four, the Quebec pop-and-tot duo decided that the best way to conquer a fear was to face it, so they went for a loop-the-loop spin through the sky in an aerobatic plane!

But the best part of this story is Ms. Giggle Queen’s uncontrollable fits of laughter during the plane ride. As her dad revolves the plane, turning Léa upside down, the teeny tot cannot contain her giggles. She is totally over her fear of being upside down by the end of it—she even asks dad to do it again and again.

You have to hear the glee in her voice. It sounds like all the most lovely things in the world, you know, like sunshine and lollipops, rainbows, sugar…spice…everything nice…. Trust me, when you listen to the giggles you’ll agree.

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