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The worst Mother's Day gift ideas

Jennifer takes to social media to see what gifts moms hope they don't receive this Mother's Day.

By Today's Parent and Todays Parent
The worst Mother's Day gift ideas

Jen's Mother's Day gift from two years ago: Two Khaki Campbell ducks.

Two years ago, my husband bought me two male ducks for Mother's Day. The box at the poultry auction we were at had "2X khaki campbell drakes" scribbled on the side in blue marker and Mr. P assumed it was a box that clothes were previously packed in. Imagine our surprise when we found out Khaki Campbell was the breed and Drake meant male — there went his idea of raising ducklings.

When we got home we let the ducks out of the box to stretch their legs and wings, and the drakes immediately flew away. My Mother's Day gift hadn't even last 12 hours. Mr. P stood in the yard shaking his head repeating, "I had no idea they could fly!" Thankfully one of the ducks eventually wandered back and we kept him as a pet for another month — that is until a coyote nabbed him in the middle of the night.

Each year I dread Mother's Day. I know that, in their hearts, my husband and children have the best intentions of buying me the perfect gift — but in truth, I want a few hours to go trail running on my own and then a trip to Kawartha Dairy for a ginormous ice cream cone. Last year I was thrilled to get just that; plus my son picked out a few cactuses for our garden. It was perfect.

Since I know I'm not alone in dreading Mother's Day gifts, I asked moms on social media about the worst gifts they ever got for Mother's Day. A few moms topped my ducks-as-gifts Mother’s Day!

Kitchen kitsch It’s appears to be unanimous — please don’t give us anything to do with the kitchen. Anything that involves me planning, cooking, entertaining, cajoling or cleaning up. After that, I don't expect much. Allison Smith Killins via Facebook
Appliances, unless the mom is a cook. @DanielleASigne via Twitter
A set of Pyrex glass measuring cups and a non-stick fry pan. @JennArndt via Twitter

Lose the ladders
My sister-in-law got a used ladder (with paint stains!) from her hubby last year to replace the nice one he took to work! @hibiscus100 via Twitter

Anchors away!
Scented jar candles, anchor-shaped earrings, harlequin romance novels. I could go on for days! @atha75 via Twitter

Chop the chocolate Chocolate. Seriously, the worst. I like the sentiment. My hips don't. @SOSsitter via Twitter


What’s the worst Mother’s Day gift you’ve ever received? Tell us about it on Twitter at @jenpinarski and @Todaysparent.

This article was originally published on May 09, 2013

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