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The day that made me believe in omens

Finding a lost treasure changes what Jennifer believes in.

By Jennifer Pinarski
The day that made me believe in omens

I don't believe in fate or omens or superstitions. A black cat crossing my path doesn't ruin my day, and I've walked under a ladder and survived to tell the tale. I am skeptical of psychics and will never have my tea leaves (or palms or cards) read in hopes of determining my path in life. 

But yesterday something happened that might make me change my mind about believing in good fortune. My husband found his wedding band — that he'd lost shortly after the birth of our daughter three years ago.


Three years ago, my husband lost his wedding band. We thought maybe it had been lost at the Winnipeg hospital where our daughter was born. That with the obsessive handwashing in those early days to keep grown-up germs off of our newborn, Mr. P probably left in on a hospital sink and it fell down the drain. Or worse, maybe it was stolen. Either way, since 2010, my husband went without a wedding band, until I gave him a replacement for Father's Day last year. My husband losing his wedding band didn't upset met as much as I thought it might — twelve years of marriage, a couple of kids and the ups and downs associated with those milestones made me feel secure enough to not worry about rushing out and making sure he had a replacement. After moving twice in the last two years, we'd pretty much decided that the ring was lost, figuring it had run off with the car keys and chequebooks we lost at the same time.

Then, yesterday, we were digging through the couch to find a Lego Ninjago mini figure that our son had lost. We didn't find the mini figure, but, tucked behind a part of the wood from of our couch, was my husband's wedding band. To understand the odds of us finding the band, keep in mind that this is enormous sectional couch has been moved across the country in the back of a moving van, then moved yet again across town in the back of a pickup truck. It was like getting a hole-in-one or winning the lottery. 

After staring at the wedding band in disbelief for what must have seemed like an eternity to our kids (who were still crying that we couldn't find the Lego mini figure) we decided finding it must mean good luck is headed our way. Right?

This article was originally published on Apr 12, 2013

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