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Talking about the F word

Amy's daughter has been exposed to bad language at school

By Amy Baskin

Talking about the F word

Amy Baskin

Tal’s home from school. We’re sitting at the kitchen table eating apples and catching up. “A girl at school said the ‘F word’ today,” she says.

“Oh no. That’s rude,” I say.
“I’ll spell it for you,” she says.
“No thanks, Tal."
“That’s OK Tal, you really don’t have to spell it for me.”
“A,” she continues.
Hmm....now I’m really confused.
“T,” she finishes.
“Fat?” I ask. “A girl called somebody fat?”
“Yes, it’s rude to use the ‘F’ word,” Tal says.
“You’re right sweetie. Saying that word would make someone feel sad.”
“Yes — and their mouth would go down like this.” Talia takes her index finger and presses the corners of her mouth down. 
I'm so grateful that Tal's increasingly able to express what's going on in her head. Makes for some INTERESTING conversations.

Do your kids get upset at some of the words they hear at school? Can they tell you about it?
This article was originally published on Dec 09, 2011