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9 on-trend pieces that will keep you warm all winter

The cost of staying cozy in the frosty Great North may be high but your fingers and toes will thank you!

9 on-trend pieces that will keep you warm all winter

Photo: Luxton

Sludgy socks, frostbitten ears, numb fingers—winter sure has a way of testing even the most hardcore outdoorsy folks. But there is hope for parents who find themselves spending their days supervising snowball fights or building snow forts. Here are some of the most highly-rated winter clothes for women, to help keep you warm and dry all season long (palm trees and sunshine not included).

1. Tivoli IV Parc Boot

Pair of tan and beige winter boots with white sherpa trim. Photo: Sorel

2. Nahanni Headband

Photo of black Mooseknuckles headband Photo: Moose Knuckles

3. Amora Mittens

Photo of orange and black mittens. Photo: Burton


4. Mount Logan Hat Denim

Photo of blue and cream toque with a brown fur pom-pom. Photo: Brume

5. The Powder Dri Parka

A woman wears a green parka. She has her hands in its pockets. Photo: Aritzia


6. Heat Tech Cotton Crew Neck T-shirt

Photo of woman wearing a blue Uniqlo heattech shirt. Photo: Uniqlo

7. Merino 250 Baselayer Bottom

The bottom half of a woman is visible. She's wearing navy blue leggings. Photo: Smartwool

8. Recycled Sherpa Fleece Hybrid Jacket

Cream coloured fleece jacket with a light pink quilted pattern at the top Photo: Patagonia


9. Escalate Boots

A tall black winter boot. Photo: Baffin

This article was originally published on Feb 10, 2022

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