25 super cute umbrellas for kids

Don't fret when it rains, instead hand your kid one of these adorable umbrellas and let them enjoy a stylish (and dry) stroll.

By Jessica Spera

25 super cute umbrellas for kids

Super cute umbrellas for kids

Shark Umbrella

Clear Dome Umbrella By SMEAMUS

Maple Leaf/Blue. $16,

Clear umbrella with blue leaves

Light-Up Lightsaber Umbrellas

$65 USD each, Luke Skywalker: and Darth Vader:

Star Wars Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker lightsaber umbrellas

Peppa Pig Umbrella

Stephen Joseph Airplane Umbrella

Toddler Heart Umbrella

Mickey Mouse Color Changing Umbrella for Kids

$13 USD,

Yellow Mickey Mouse print umbrella with white stars

Hatley Mr. Fix It Umbrella

Skip Hop Zoo Umbrellas

From left: Marshall Monkey, Eureka Unicorn, Brooklyn Bee, and Jules Giraffe. $20 each,

Skiphop zoo animals umbrellas

Foxfire Childrens Navy Sports Balls Umbrella

Original Kids’ Moon Mission Bubble Umbrella

Hudson’s Bay Company Compact Umbrella

Kidorable Children’s Umbrellas (Space Hero)


Spaceship print umbrella

Hatley Ladybug Umbrella

15Dalmatians Umbrella

$13 USD,

White and turquoise accent 101 Dalmatians umbrella

Kids Rainbow Umbrella

Disney Frozen Umbrella

Icon Umbrella

SMATI Stick Umbrella Clear Dome (The Enhanced Edition Dog)


Clear umbrella with dog peeking on side

PAW Patrol Umbrella

Hatley Wintery Blooms Umbrella

Stephen Joseph Horse Umbrella

Marvel Spiderman Umbrella

Hatley Brody Transportation Umbrella

Toddler Floral Umbrella


Clear cat print umbrella

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