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Sharing a room with baby: 8 space-saving ideas

If you're tight on space or just want to be close to your new baby, here's how to maximize your space and make cohabiting comfy for everyone.

Sharing a room with baby: 8 space-saving ideas

Photo: Bluebird Vintage via Pinterest

Keep it simple If you're tight on space, try using a neutral palate to maximize space and make the room appear larger. The photo above shows a room without clutter, making it easier to live in cramped quarters.

decorating-your-small-space Photo: Ikea via Pinterest

Use curtains for privacy Sheer curtains, like the ones shown above, may not seem that private. But what they lack in opaqueness, they offer in light billowy affects causing the room to seem airy. They're easy to install and a minimum investment, perfect for temporarily dividing space between sleepy new parents and the sweet babe's digs.

on-to-baby660 Photo: On To Baby via Pinterest

Lay down a rug A rug can divide the room—allowing parents to keep their tranquil setting while acting as a divider from baby. Plus, a rug can absorb sounds, making it safe for tiptoeing (literally) around baby's sleep schedule. If you wish to make an investment, purchase a high-end rug in a neutral shade that will work with varying colour schemes and patterns and will last for years to come.

rebekahgough660 Photo: A Bit of Sunshine via Pinterest

Use nooks and alcoves Provided your closet is safe and sturdy, try creating a little nook for baby in an emptied alcove. This works well for cribs or change tables alike. Easily convert your closet back when baby has graduated to their own room.

smallroomtumblr660 Photo: Small Rooms Tumblr via Pinterest


Take advantage of large sturdy furniture Of course you love your little one, but who doesn't crave a bit of privacy once in awhile? If space permits, try turning the foot of your bed to face a window or a wall and place a sturdy piece of furniture, such as an armoire, at the head of the bed. Bookshelves can work, too. Ensure they are safely secured, though.

Untitled Photo: Young House Love via Pinterest

Double duty dresser If you're really tight on space, get rid of or store away unnecessary furniture. A dresser can double as a bedside table in a pinch. If you have a low, sturdy dresser, try setting up a change table on top to eliminate the need for extra furniture. A portable change station that can be used on the floor or bed works, too.

Photo: SF Girl by Bay via Pinterest Photo: SF Girl by Bay via Pinterest


Upcycle furniture Turn an old armoire into a changing station. The drawers below can house clothes and supplies, and the unit can easily be converted into something else as your little one grows.

Photo: Apartment Therapy via Pinterest Photo: Apartment Therapy via Pinterest

Take advantage of wall space Take some of the pressure off your closet by setting up shop on a wall. We love this rustic branch idea, but play around with what suits your style best, be it an industrial pipe or classic closet rod. Alternatively, you could try adding a second bar in your existing closet  to help bear the load.

This article was originally published on Jan 13, 2017

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