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How to create a reverse French manicure

Here's how easy it is to get your own trendy nail design without having to break the bank—or leave your couch!

Photo: Roberto Caruso Photo: Roberto Caruso

Rita Remark, the lead nail artist for Essie Canada, tells us how to create a trendy twist on the French manicure at home, with a pastel-pink base and a hot-pink tip!

1. Apply one coat of Ridge Filling Base Coat—this is helpful when applying light shades as it prevents streaking.

2. Then apply two coats of Romper Room to the entire nail.

3. With a nail-art striping brush (or a very skinny paintbrush that you stole from your kids’ craft box) dipped in Mod Square, draw a line across the tip of each nail, tapering it slightly on the sides to create a crescent.

4. Wait two minutes, and then apply a layer of Good To Go Top Coat.

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To get this look: Romper Room and Mod Square nail polish, $10 each,

This article originally appeared in our May 2014 issue with the headline “Spring mani,” p. 26.

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