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15 stylish decorations to get your home Ramadan ready

Welcome Ramadan! Fill your home with these beautiful pieces that your family can enjoy all month long.

15 stylish decorations to get your home Ramadan ready

Curated Ramadan & Eid Home Decor Set

This one-stop shop was just launched by three Toronto-based BFFs. Their beautiful collection will get your home Ramadan and Eid ready while saving you time and money. Each package includes: LED moon and star lights, a burlap banner, paper fans, tassels, bamboo crescent and star platters, ornaments, cookie cutters, a glittery garland plus a balloon bundle. $160,

Wooden platters in the shape of a crescent moon and star Credit: Sierra Curtis Photography

Wooden Plaque

This Toronto-based artist creates custom-made wood and paper pieces. Her minimalistic creations can be accented with greenery or florals, upon request. Her adorable name puzzles are perfect for little ones. $50,

Hexagonal wooden plaque with Credit: Tea + Tulip Designs


Multicolour Ramadan Good Deed Calendar

Nurture the love of kindness and charity in your kids with the help of this  good deeds calendar. Available in two styles (multicolour or neutral), it's sure to be a showpiece year after year. Write your own good deed prompt or use the ones provided and tuck one into each doorway. The calendar also comes with daily scavenger hunt clues. $141,

Mosque with colourful tiles from 1 to 30 Credit: Designed by Sanna

The Moon Cake Topper

This beautiful crescent-shaped cake topper will elevate any Ramadan or Eid dessert. It's available in a number of different colours and materials (gold, silver, wood, mirror, etc). They also sell mini toppers perfect for bite-sized treats or even dates! $38,

Elegant cake with crescent moon topper Credit: Studio Nayma

Lantern String Lights

These Moroccan-inspired lanterns feature an intricate geometric pattern. Each string contains six LED lights to brighten your space. They also sell large floor lanterns to complement the garlands. $54 USD,

Garland made up of lanterns Credit: Days of Eid


Ramadan and Eid Lawn Decorations

Share the holiday spirit with neighbours and friends with these beautifully illustrated lawn signs. Designs include Ramadan and Eid greetings, festive drums, lanterns and more. They're the perfect way to share the holiday spirit—from a distance. $65,

Colourful lanterns, charity boxes, cards and drums Credit: Amasi Decor

Days Until Eid Poster

Countdown the days to Eid with this frosted acrylic sign that can be used every year. This elegant 8x10" piece comes with an acrylic base so you can prop it up just about anywhere. Use a dry-erase pen to write and wipe clean with a soft cloth. $39,

Acrylic sign that reads Credit: Etsy

Tangier Moroccan Lantern Set

Spruce up your space with these beautiful 12" Arabesque paper lanterns. They are perfect for hanging from ceilings, on walls or in doorways. The bright colours and pretty patterns help set the tone to celebrate. $9,

Colourful round lanterns with geometric designs Credit: Eid Creations


Luna Three-Piece Centrepiece

Customize this versatile centrepiece by adding three interchangeable acrylic acrylic pieces. With so many designs to choose from, you are sure to create something that will complement any decor. from $12 USD,

Wooden base with customizable acrylic inserts Photo: Modern Eid

Mosaic Moon Table Decor

These laser-cut wooden table toppers are perfect the way they are but you can also have your kids get crafty with a bit of paint to personalize them. Hang them around your home or sit them on the wooden base that's included. This Canadian-based business was launched by a mom of two. $22,

Wooden crescent moon and star table topper Credit: Also Sophia

Metallic Gold Ramadan Kareem Canvas Banner

This canvas banner with blue and gold accents is an easy way to welcome Ramadan. It includes a gold plastic rod and string for hanging and is finished with a small gold tassel. $4,

Canvas banner that reads Credit: Party City


Crescent Decorative Platter

You'll love the mix of traditional and contemporary styles from this Canadian artist. She uses different metals and textures to create her stunning pieces. Available in three sizes, these handcrafted platters are and are sure to satisfy any look. $20,

Gold-coloured crescent-shaped platters Credit: Rasm

Ramadan and Eid Banner

This modern banner features a geometric cut-out design that would suit any space. The set also comes with two strings of fairy lights and a second set of letters so you can switch out "Ramadan" with "Eid" at the end of the month. Check out this Toronto artist's offerings of gorgeous stationery, prints and jewelry. $100,

String lights banner that reads Credit: Kohl Studios

Ramadan and Eid Wreath

You'll want to show off everything from this Canadian graphic designer, who took her love of typography and decided to incorporate it with her art to produce faith-inspired products. This floral moon wreath can be used inside or out and the gold foil plate can be turned around to share Eid greetings. $60,

Metal wreath with floral accents that reads Credit: Share the Khair


Greeting Cards

Send these gorgeous cards to loved ones near and far or use them to decorate your home thanks to their stylish designs. Hello Holy Days! was launched by a talented young Toronto women who shares fun crafts and activities that you can do with your kids. Her Ramadan decor collection recently sold out at Crate&Kids in 2021 but it's back in stock exclusively at Hello Holy Days for 2022. $7,

Purple greeting card with colourful lanterns Credit: Hello Holy Days!
This article was originally published on Apr 01, 2021

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