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16 products we're loving this fall

From new teething aids to the latest gear from ErgoBaby to backyard pizza ovens, families will love these new products.

16 products we're loving this fall

Photo: Courtesy of ErgoBaby

Here’s a new crop of great baby, kid, and family products that have been popping up in our inboxes. Many of these items are part of an important trend—products that are good for you and for the planet. Some are made of organic cotton, others are recyclable, or part of the proceeds benefit local community organizations. Check them out!

The Fuzzy Sprout Lift, Unsnap and Wrap Towel

a mother holds a baby wrapped in white Fuzzy Sprout towel Photo: Courtesy The Fuzzy Sprout

The Fuzzy Sprout “Lift, Unsnap and Wrap” towel is a handy (well, hands-free) way to safely scoop up your baby from the tub while keeping you dry. This simple product by a new Canadian company helps bath time go smoothly. This parent-worn baby towel takes away the juggling and allows you to easily lift and wrap the baby using both hands.

We love that the Fuzzy Sprout towel is made from 100% organic cotton so parents can be confident that the fabric used to cradle their little ones is free from harmful chemicals. And they were designed with longevity in mind: They are larger than other baby towels and can be used in three different ways to accommodate newborns to babies to toddlers.


Koolorez Dolls

a Black doll with black curly hair and wearing an African-inspired dress Photo: Courtesy Koolorez


Toronto mom of two Michele Ballestin wasn’t able to find Black dolls that she felt represented her culture and allowed her children to see their beauty reflected in their collection of toys. So she solved this problem by creating Koolorez dolls to mirror the beauty and visibility of Caribbean and African culture. The dolls come in different styles and sizes, from baby dolls to posable dolls, for children ages two to 10.

Dolls are an influential tool in role-play, empathy and imagination for young kids, helping to form the vision they have of the world. Michele created Characters like Camilla and Jada to promote awareness and diversity with inspiration from Caribbean and African culture and fashion.

Each collection offers a variety of outfits, hairstyles and designs to choose from. These dolls give children the opportunity to explore and celebrate black culture and beauty, sparking imagination and inclusivity in play.

From $25,

Tempo Outerwear

three kids wearing car seat-safe jackets Photo: Tempo Outwear


We already know how challenging it is to strap your tots into a car seat in the middle of winter. But did you know that your kid's jacket can increase the risk of serious injury in a collision? That’s because puffy jackets prevent the harness from being properly tightened. So Toronto mom of two Amanda Occhicone invented the Tempo Duo to make this daily task easier and safer. The puffy exterior opens to easily fasten the car seat’s harness over top of the thinner, inner layer, without any obstruction or additional slack. And it’s been independently crash-tested making it safe, stylish and practical.

Insulated with Thermalite, it can be worn three different ways so it’s an eco-conscious and practical option sparing parents the need to buy multiple jackets throughout the year. The crash-tested coat is produced in partnership with the True Transparent Manufacturing Program to ensure overseas production is safe, ethical, responsible and environmentally respectful, so you can feel good about your purchase. Tempo Outerwear products are geared toward children ages two to six, and a complete range of matching accessories is also available.


Born to Be Wild Kids Cup by Loulou Lollipop

Born to be Wild cup and straw in Sunny Yellow Photo: Courtesy of Loulou Lollipop

Vancouver-based Loulou Lollipop has added something new to its tableware collection for littles. The new 100% food-grade silicone cup and straw make transitioning from bottles to cups simple. The lid clicks in place for a tight seal, and the weighted bottom with a tactile grip keeps it from easily toppling. The soft straw helps support baby-led weaning, and drinking from an open cup promotes healthy oral and speech development. Loulou is another company that uses materials that have a minimal impact on the earth, including silicone which is safe for teething and chewing. And if that isn’t enough, the company donates 1% of each purchase to a charity of your choice.



Supporo Fashion Compression Socks

a single sock, with shades of pink triangles Photo: Courtesy of Supporo

Many people find they need compression socks, but might be put off by the traditional stodgy look. For pregnant women especially, the socks can help prevent blood clots and blood pooling, as well as assist with swelling and aching legs, and help to prevent varicose veins. Supporo has found a way to keep you healthy without compromising style; they offer an incredible range of designs in their new Mode line. From cheerful yellow lemons to houseplants on bright pink, to cabin-inspired woollen socks, there's something for everyone. We love that you can give your legs the care they need—and still look good.


Serenity Kids Meats and Herbs Pouches

a snack pouch featuring a silhouette of a chicken Photo: Courtesy of Serenity Kids


Grab-and-go pouches are becoming increasingly popular among the baby and toddler set. So it’s great that Serenity Kids is now offering ethically-sourced meat and herb pouches, which are nutrient-dense, deliciously savoury and allergen-free. Plus, there are no added sugars! Experts say kids’ flavour windows are most receptive between the ages of four to seven months so take advantage of this time and familiarize them with more complex foods, flavours, and textures. Worried about the extra waste? Serenity Kids has an established partnership with Terracycle which offers free pouch recycling to customers.

$6 each,

Firsts Collection by Petit Lem

a baby and toddler rest on a beige blanket, wearing white and rust pyjamas with bear cub print Photo: Courtesy of Petit Lem

What could be cozier than the new fall collection by petit lem? Featuring the softest one-piece sleepwear, matching sets, muslin swaddles and knit sweater blanket, all of their sleepwear and outfits are made of 100% organically grown cotton, free of chemicals and toxic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers to ensure all babies' safety. With names like Red Rock, Bear Cub, Fawn, Conifer, and Gooseberries, the new collections are inspired by national parks across North America. You also don't want to miss the Montreal brand's holiday collection, which covers everyone from kids and adults to pets!

from $32,

Native Shoes Bloom Boots

pink winter boots Photo: Courtesy of Native Shoes


If your kids love the comfort of Native shoes, you’ll want to check out their new water-resistant boots. What’s especially amazing is that these new styles are made with a bio-based material derived from algae and engineered to replace some of the plastic used in conventional shoes. So making these shoes actually helps to solve the problem of algae overgrowth in some freshwater lakes! Best of all, the Johnny Treklike Bloom hiking boots and the Fitzsimmons Citylike Bloom shoes come in both kid and adult sizes and in a range of awesome colours, so parents can get in the fun too. Can you say #twinning? And once they no longer fit, the kicks are recyclable through their RemixTM Project!

From $85,

Britax Boosters in New Colourways

Britax HighPoint 2-stage Belt-Positioning Booster Seat in Purple Ombre Photo: Courtesy of Britax

Ask any parent and they'll tell you that cleaning kids' car seats is one of the most difficult tasks. But Britax has introduced a big update: Their Highpoint Backless Booster and GrowWithYou ClickTight seats now come in a naturally flame-retardant SafeWash fabric that is both washer and dryer friendly. With all the wear and tear, crumbs and spills, and—dare we say—queasy tummies that these car seats are up against, it's a win in our books! Plus, the new fabric also reduces the amount of chemicals that little ones are exposed to. The new colour collection includes Black Ombre, Gray Ombre, Purple Ombre in the Highpoint, and Green Ombre, Blue Contour, and Mod Ivory for the GrowWithYou.

from $269,

The Lactation Cookie Company

pink box of cookies and small bowl filled with cookies Photo: Courtesy of The Lactation Cookie Co

Founded by Toronto-based baker, bakery owner and mother Lisa Sanguedolce, The Lactation Cookie Company offers healthy cookies to help boost mom's supply. The tasty treats are made with ‘galactagogues’ ingredients, which support milk supply for breastfeeding parents.

Sanguedolce worked closely with nutritionists, food scientists as well as International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and mom of three Catherine McEvilly Pestl to develop the cookie recipes. Plus, with every bag of cookies purchased, a donation will be made to La Leche League Canada and La Leche League USA to support breastfeeding education in North America. The cookies are available in regular, plant based-vegan and gluten-free varieties, so everyone can enjoy them.

From $13,

ErgoBaby 3-in-1 Bouncer

Evolve 3-in-1 Bouncer in Blush Pink with newborn insert Photo: Courtesy of ErgoBaby


Ergobaby has just launched Evolve: a new collection of products for the home that are designed to grow with your growing baby and toddler. Like all of Ergobaby’s products, Evolve is designed with ergonomics at the forefront—so babe is safe, comfortable and happy. The Evolve 3-in-1 Bouncer can be used from birth with the included newborn insert that was developed with guidance from a paediatric orthopedist to support your little one from head to hips and to help prevent flat head syndrome. As kiddos grow, the bouncer can be adjusted to three heights tailored to each stage of development. The middle position allows infants to rock themselves, no plugs, batteries or switches required, while the highest position is perfect for toddlers who want to see everything that’s going on around them.


Gerber Soothe ‘N’ Chew Teething Sticks

blue package, labelled Gerber Snacks, Soothe 'n Chew, which image of baby's hand holding a long round soothe n' chew stick Photo: Courtesy of Gerber

Teething is hard work! That's why we love this unique innovation that offers a long-lasting and edible solution for babies. Designed by feeding experts, this is the first premium snacking innovation designed to ease the pains of teething. It's free of plastics and medication, and it's non-GMO certified. Plus, the Sooth 'n' Chew sticks are made with wholesome grains and no added salt. Parents can rest assured they are giving their baby the very best support throughout their teething milestone moments.


Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven

lifestyle image of a family enjoying a pizza outdoors next to a stainless steel outdoor pizza oven Photo: Courtesy of Solo Stove

The company made famous for its smokeless stainless steel fire pits has just launched a new product to tempt your taste buds. The Pi Pizza allows you to make and enjoy wood-fired or oven-baked pizzas right in your own backyard. No matter which cooking method you choose, the tabletop stove takes less than 20 minutes to heat up so you won't be waiting long for a hot slice. The stove features a cordierite pizza stone that is reversible and highly durable and it comes ready to use out of the box. Intimidated? Don't be. The Pi will make even an amateur chef seem like a pro. (And don't worry, we won't tell if you use ready-made dough!)

From $920,

Organic Cotton Women’s Underwear by Q for Quinn

three pairs of black women's underwear Photo: Courtesy of Q for Quinn

Toronto-based company Q for Quinn started out six years ago making organic socks for babies and kids when founder Melita Cyril struggled to find organic, chemical-free socks for her son, who had severe eczema. We’re thrilled that they’ve now grown to make natural and organic basics for adults too. This 100 % organic cotton underwear is GOTS certified and comes in peach, crème brulée and black in a high-rise fit.


from $29 each,

Angelcare 2-in-1 Bath Tub

white plastic with legs, Angelcare 2-in-1 bathtub Photo: Courtesy of Angelcare

Angelcare has been providing daily essentials for new parents for over 25 years, and their new 2-in-1 tub takes the worry out of bath time. Not only is it safe and comfortable, but it's also designed to grow with your baby and can be used all the way to baby's first birthday. It allows your little one to lay down or sit in the tub safely, and it has anti-slip pads on the legs so the tub stays in place. The lightweight design is soft to the touch and it offers an ergonomic design for baby’s comfort with smooth rounded edges. Even better? It's easy to keep clean and dries quickly.

$50, coming soon to

Apple iPad

image features the new Apple iPad in four bold colours: yellow, white, pink and blue Photo: Courtesy of Apple Canada


The tenth-generation iPad is here and it features awesome upgrades that the entire family can benefit from. Not only is it available in four bold finishes (pink, blue, yellow and a dazzling white), but it also features an upgraded chip so the tablet is faster and runs more efficiently while the battery still lasts all day long. We love that you can purchase a Magic Keyboard Folio to the device; it magnetically attaches so there's no need to ever charge it but it allows your iPad to act as a laptop. It's a great entry-level device for school-aged kids who are having to rely on technology more and more for homework, assignments and research. Add a pencil and keyboard and you easily have a device that can last you ten or more years, especially thanks to the large screen.

Plus, there's some super cool features the whole family will enjoy, like the ability to easily lift text and pictures from backgrounds to isolate the image. And it still offers all the features of Family Sharing to help manage your kid's screen time, including the ability to set permissions around how much time they spend on the device and approve (or decline) what they can buy or download. From your own device, you can disable certain apps and set limits around what content kids can access, including games, podcasts, books, movies and shows.

from $599,

This article was originally published on Oct 24, 2022

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