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Kids decor: Shared bedrooms

Save space with these six clever ideas for shared bedrooms!

By Tara-Michelle Ziniuk

Kids decor: Shared bedrooms

Kids decor: Shared bedrooms

Sharing spaces

Whether we like it or not, sometimes we have to share our space.

Whether it's two big kids in a bedroom, bringing baby into a toddler room or even adult-child space-sharing, here are some suggestions on design, decor, space-saving and — that thing you might remember called privacy.

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Kids decor: Shared bedroomsPhoto: dejanristovski/iStockphoto

Curtain dividers

Your kids aren't college roommates or sharing an office: You know them well enough to know that a folding screen divider would get knocked down in a minute! So try a curtain divider for a way of sectioning space off that can come and go as you please.

Open during the day, closed at night, or closed during homework hours and open after. Pick out already-made curtains or make some from sheets or fabric that suit your children and their room.

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Kids decor: Shared bedroomsPhoto: Life Made Lovely


Bookcase dividers

This photo shows a bedroom shared by a mother and daughter, but the idea works for kids sharing, too. Back a sturdy bookcase up to the head of one bed — shelves facing out — to create sections within the room.

Paint the bookcase a fun colour or cover the back in a wallpaper that fits the room's colour scheme.

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Kids decor: Shared bedroomsPhoto: Ikea

Go timeless

Moving baby into a bedroom that a toddler is used to having to themselves is a big deal. By updating the decor, you can make the change feel exciting and help ease any tension. Pick a theme or look for your shared kids' room that isn't age-specific, like carnival or summer camp that can be unisex.

Kids decor: Shared bedroomsPhoto: Kelle Hampton/Enjoying the Small Things

Crib under the bunk

Built-in beds are great space-savers, especially built-in bunk beds when there are two or more kids in a room. Even the youngest of room-sharers can get in on this concept; put a crib under a loft or bunk bed — opt for one that pulls out to make getting baby in and out easier.

Like this idea? Also check out trundle beds (with storage underneath) or Murphy beds (that fold into the wall.)

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Kids decor: Shared bedroomsPhoto: Roberto Gil


Crib in the closet

We've heard of kids sharing master bedrooms, living/dining rooms being converted for children, and even walk-in closets becoming nurseries. Now, here's a new one! Take the closet doors off (and remove the curtain rod) and the closet is your toddler's room is ready for a crib. You can still decorate the tiny space with paint and mobiles to welcome home your newborn.

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Kids decor: Shared bedroomsPhoto: Rebekah/Apartment Therapy

Heads together

Some kids thrive on the company, and some spaces call for it. This could work well for twins, especially preschoolers. If kids continue to share a bedroom later, try putting the heads of standard twin beds together into an "L" shape, for a bit of privacy and a way to use the corners and walls of the room well.

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Kids decor: Shared bedroomsPhoto: Joanna Goddard/A Cup of Jo

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Kids decor: Shared bedroomsPhoto: bopeepbaby

Save space with these six clever ideas for shared bedrooms!

This article was originally published on May 17, 2013

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