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How to fake a good night's sleep

By Karen Robock
How to fake a good night's sleep

How to fake a good night's sleep

Sleepy beauty

We know that dreamland unreachable destination some nights, thanks to midnight feedings or monsters under the bed. And looking like you’ve had no sleep can actually make you feel worse than you already do.

We asked makeup artist Sheri Stroh for her pro tips for creating the illusion of being well rested when you’re anything but. Follow these steps to kiss that sallow complexion and those under-eye bags goodbye.

A version of this article appeared in our September issue with the headline "Sleepy beauty," p. 48.

How to fake a good night's sleepPhoto: Sri Maiava Rusden/Getty Images

02Start with a scrub

Your skin does a lot of its repair work, including whisking away dead cells, while you sleep. That's why a few sleepless nights can leave your complexion looking ashen. A quick exfoliation in the morning can revive and invigorate your skin. If you usually use cleanser in the a.m., wash your face first, then follow with a gentle scrub. “Glowing skin is a good way to take the focus off tired eyes,” says Stroh.
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03Soothe puffy eyes

A cool compress placed over your eyelids for a few minutes will bring down swelling, says Stroh. The cold will shrink capillaries and stimulate lymphatic drainage. Follow with a hydrating under-eye cream to soothe the skin around your eyes, then use a lightweight concealer containing light-refracting properties to blur fine lines and disguise dark spots. If lack of sleep becomes routine, try these two tips to prevent under-eye puffiness: Prop your head up with an extra pillow during the night, and give yourself five minutes to do some light stretches when your alarm goes off. They'll get your blood and lymphatic systems flowing,” she says.
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How to fake a good night's sleepPhotos: Eric Putz

04Even out tired-looking skin

Less is more when it comes to covering up a dull-looking complexion. Using heavy makeup to try to mask the signs of fatigue can backfire, warns Stroh. “Instead, try a lightweight tinted moisturizer to even out your skin tone and give you a dewy glow,” she says. One of the new hydrating foundations will also help to revive tired skin, just be sure to use it sparingly for the best results.
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05Eye on the prize

If you want to get added value out of your under-eye concealer, go for one that specifically targets puffiness, as well as those annoying dark circles.
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06Add some colour to your cheeks

“A pop of pink blush never hurts, and it looks so pretty, especially if you feel your skin is lacking,” Stroh says. Create a healthy looking faux-flush by rubbing a small dab of cream blush onto the apples of your cheeks using your forefinger. Make sure to blend really well to keep it looking natural.

How to fake a good night's sleepPhoto: Eric Putz

07Draw attention to your lips

“One of the best ways to disguise bloodshot eyes is by drawing attention away from them,” says Stroh. Make your pucker the focal point on your face by wearing a bold shade of gloss or lipstick. Bright hues of red and pink are hot for fall, so don’t be afraid to try a more daring colour than you’re used to.
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How to fake a good night's sleep

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How to fake a good night's sleepPhoto: Dean Mitchell/iStockphoto

Kids kept you up? You can fake a good night's sleep with six easy beauty tricks.

This article was originally published on Aug 17, 2012

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