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Fresh look: 3 stylish mom makeovers

We teamed up with Cityline to give three lucky moms a head-to-toe makeover, including fashions from Tracy Moore’s new line, Tracy Moore Designed by Freda’s.

Photo: Roberto Caruso Photo: Roberto Caruso

Between morning madness, chauffeuring the kids to school and activities, grocery shopping, cleaning up messes and so much more, moms sometimes forget (or run out of time) to take care of themselves. So Today's Parent and Cityline decided to give three moms a fresh new look, including hair cut and colour from Toronto salon Fiorio Yorkville and fashions from Tracy Moore's new line, Tracy Moore Designed by Freda's.

Photo: Roberto Caruso On Sarah: Tracy Moore Designed by Freda’s tapered pant, $208,; floral top, $30, jacket, $60, and shoes, $40, Photo: Roberto Caruso

Sarah Blakely, 33 In her super cute Makeover For Mom entry video, Sarah Blakely told us that the only people giving her a makeover these days are her kids, Walter, 5, Edmond, 3, and Beatrice, 1. Then she let Walter help her apply red lipstick—with, well, less-than-perfect precision. Needless to say, we couldn’t resist the chance to give this mom of three a whole new look.

Between hanging out with her kids and husband, and working for a non-profit, Blakely doesn’t have much time for herself. “The kids go to bed at 7:30, which is my saving grace and the only way I can manage,” she says. In the little bits of down time she does get, Blakely knits while watching TV (lately she’s been making dresses for her daughter).

Blakely has long been a low-maintenance jeans-and-T-shirt kind of woman—and she was ready for a style update. She says her look hasn’t really changed since having kids. “I wasn’t stylish before, and I’m not stylish after,” she admits. “I don’t have an eye for it. Some people have the skills for it…mine lie elsewhere.”


Her long auburn locks were transformed into a bouncy lob in a fiery dark copper hue at Fiorio Yorkville in Toronto. Makeup artist Derek Selby lightly applied products in warm peach tones to enhance her creamy complexion—and now Blakely, along with her friends and family, can’t stop gushing about how fantastic she looks. Armed with stylist Janice Meredith’s fashion advice, she’s been experimenting with adding more jackets and prints to her wardrobe. “I honestly didn’t expect to love it as much as I do,” Blakely says. “What surprised me most was that I still felt like me—just a well-done version of myself.”

Stylist’s tip: Give your black blazer a break and try a white one for a modern and fresh spring look.

Tracy’s tip: “I like a pant that has a flat front. Most moms don’t need anything more added to their tummy so this is nice and flat.”

Photo: Roberto Caruso On Jessica: Tracy Moore Designed by Freda’s skirt, $231,; sleeveless top, $30, necklace, $17, heels, $60, and handbag, $30, Photo: Roberto Caruso

Jessica Case, 32 “Putting out fires” is how Jessica Case describes her life as a mom. Currently on maternity leave, she’s constantly balancing the demands of her sons Tristan, 2, and Cole, six months—often solo, because her husband works long hours. Case admits she’s lost track of her personal style. “I wouldn’t even use the word ‘style’ anymore,” she says. “Usually I get puked on a couple of times a day, so I just wear track pants and whatever shirt is easy access for nursing.”


While Case has never liked shopping, and fashion was never a top priority, she still used to enjoy dressing up every now and then in her pre-mom life. “I used to brush my hair!” she laughs. “Now I usually put it in a braid, or I wear a hat so you can’t see what’s under it. I would say my style has changed from having some sort of style to not having any at all.”

Though she loves being on mat leave, Case hoped a makeover would help her feel more like her pre-kids self. “I just thought it’d be really nice to have a bit of time away, to feel normal again,” she says.

The biggest change for Case is her new hair colour, now  a rich medium auburn shade. “I would never have thought to go this colour on my own, so it was a huge shock,” she says. “But it’s a great colour, and it really brings out my eyes and complements my skin, too.” As for the fashion advice Meredith gave her, Case says she learned that a few great pieces of clothing can go a long way in your wardrobe: “I can be comfortable and dressed in a running-after-kids-friendly way without being in a uniform of workout pants!”

Stylist’s tip: A light top is great to tuck in because it doesn’t add bulk to your waist.

Tracy’s tip: “If you’re a little bit shy about showing a bit too much knee, this skirt is for you. You’re still going to look funky, because it’s sheer with a shorter skirt underneath.”

Photo: Roberto Caruso On Trista: Tracy Moore Designed by Freda’s tunic, $132,; jacket, $60, jogger pant, $20, necklace, $35, purse, $30, and sneakers, $40, Photo: Roberto Caruso

Trista Hill, 32 There’s no denying Trista Hill is a busy woman. This mom of twin two-year-old boys, Lucas and Landon, is a sports psychology consultant, teaches psychology courses at Georgian College in Barrie, Ont., and is chair of the planning committee for a new youth mental health non-profit. Plus, her boys are only in daycare two days a week, so she and her husband trade off the days they’re at work. When she does have a bit of me-time, Hill gets coffee with friends or does something active, like hockey or CrossFit.

Hill says her style is “no makeup, athletic and comfortable,” and while she’s usually satisfied with this, she wanted to be able to pull off a more polished look for work. Her mom convinced her to enter our contest, and two of her best friends made a video asking us to choose her (how could we resist?). “Even before I was a mom, my friends and family would agree I needed the help,” she says. “It’s become even harder to put time into myself, plus now I have the the challenge of the boys’ dirty fingers and things being spilled on me.”

To give Hill that polish, her hair colour was brightened to a warm brown with cinnamon notes, and layers were added around her face. “I immediately loved it and felt so beautiful,” she says. “I couldn’t believe my eyes. The changes weren’t drastic, but I felt drastically different.” Since makeover day, Hill has been following Meredith’s advice to visually lengthen her body with a V-neck shirt or long necklace, and she’s been applying concealer, mascara and lip gloss daily to get the finished look Selby suggested.

Stylist’s tip: A tapered jogger pant is a great alternative to the skinny jean, and it’s way more comfortable.


Tracy’s tip: “I think a lot of moms out there are looking for a little bit of coverage around the bum and thigh area, and that was what we were thinking of with this blouse. You get this bright pop of colour, some coverage and nothing too tight.”

Fashion styling by Janice Meredith. Makeup by Derek Selby for Cover FX.

Group photo: On Sarah Tracy Moore Designed by Freda’s boyfriend jacket, $345,; knit top, $40, knit stripe skirt, $20, necklace, $25, and heels, $50, On Tracy Tracy Moore Designed by Freda’s zipper blouse, $195, and tapered pant, $260,; heels, Tracy’s own. On Trista Tracy Moore Designed by Freda’s pencil skirt, $200,; knit top, $30, knit cardigan, $40, crystal necklace, $13, leaf necklace, $10, and lace-up flats, $50, On Jessica Tracy Moore Designed by Freda’s jogger pant, $195, v-neck tank, $90, and crop jacket, $310,; heels, $60,

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