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10 Ikea products to help you organize your life (all for $20 or less)

The Swedish home giant has plenty of picks to sort your stuff on a budget.

10 Ikea products to help you organize your life (all for $20 or less)

Photo: ikea,

10 Ikea Finds To Organize Your Life, All For $20 Or Less


Make use of your wallspace with sleek bamboo hooks that work double duty as extra storage space and as wall deco. $7, ikea.

Wooden hooks from IKEAPhoto, IKEA,

Product basket

Make your kitchen tidy by keeping unrefrigerated produce in one of these baskets, or think outside of the kitchen–use one to organize any workspace. $13, ikea.

A blue product basket from IKEAPhoto, IKEA,


Cork noticeboard

Pin up invites, coupons, and other paper reminders instead of losing them in a pile. $7, ikea.

A cork noticeboard from IKEAPhoto, IKEA,

Drawer boxes

Never go hunting for a spare sock again. $15, ikea.

Drawer boxes from IKEAPhoto, IKEA,

Wooden crate

Stow away anything with these versatile crates or stack a few on top of each other for rustic makeshift shelving. $13, ikea.

A wooden crate from IKEAPhoto, IKEA,


Jewelry dish

Display your jewelry when you’re not wearing it, or use this dish as a catch-all for your keys. $10, ikea.

A jewelry dish from IKEAPhoto, IKEA,

Knife tray

Save counter spcae by tucking your knives away neatly in a drawer rather than leaving them out in a bulky knife block. $18, ikea.

A knife tray from IKEAPhoto, IKEA,

Wire basket

If you want to work in different locations, a portable basket can help keep your supplies together. $20, ikea.

A wire basket from IKEAPhoto, IKEA,


Door hanger

A door hanger turns any door into useful storage space for anything from towels to coats and bags. $5, ikea.

A door hanger from IKEAPhoto, IKEA,

Shoe boxes (Set of 4)

Keep your shoes organized in your closetwith these boxes (plus, the mesh paneling allows you to see which pair is which) $10, ikea

Blue shoe boxes from IKEAPhoto, IKEA,

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