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Sponsored: Would You Invest Time to Save Money?

By By Barry Columb, President, President's Choice Financial
SPONSORED: Would You Invest Time to Save Money

Would you be willing to invest an hour to save $200? That's the question asked in a recent survey by Leger for President's Choice Financial®. No surprise, most Canadians surveyed said ‘yes.’

If you still think that's a long-time to spend, or you think your current bank is doing a good enough job, consider the following:

  • No fee daily banking: if you're not using a no fee chequing account, you're throwing money away. Simple and efficient options: don't get lost in too many choices. You want the simplest banking with the best rewards to fit your lifestyle.
  • Great rewards: Aim for rewards programs that make your everyday life better, by rewarding you on your everyday purchases.
  • Time-saving solutions: online and mobile banking are safe, secure alternatives to waiting in line (or on hold). Mobile apps can help you locate bank locations and machines instantly.

Your bank should help you do better, not make stressful demands on your time (or your pocketbook).

This article was originally published on Dec 02, 2013

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