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Sponsored: Less Stress. More Savings.

By WebGuy and Maclean's
SPONSORED: Less Stress. More Savings

Modern family life is busy and hectic. Sometimes it feels like we're just running from one errand to the next. Too much to do and too little time adds up to one thing: STRESS.

I can't help you with the never-ending homework or bottomless baskets of laundry, but there is one area that's probably more stressful than it should be—your banking.

A recent survey conducted on behalf of President's Choice Financial® found that fees and surprise costs ranked as the top frustrations Canadians had with their banking. Yet, only 35% of Canadians take advantage of no fee banking or money-saving accounts. Switching to a President's Choice Financial no fee chequing account can save you up to $200 a year compared with what the big banks offer. You'll also earn interest on your balance and PC® points on President's Choice Financial bank card purchases, at participating stores, for everyday items.


Unsurprisingly, another top frustration is time spent waiting in line or on hold. That's a practically unnecessary annoyance these days because you can do virtually all of your banking online. Need even more instant access to your accounts? Try mobile banking on your smartphone.

Mobile banking offers other time- and stress-saving features. Banking apps can use your phone's GPS to locate nearby bank machines and locations on the go.

Finally, take the stress out of bill payments by setting up automatic payments through your credit card. Just contact your utility, telephone, cable, internet, health club, insurance, and other service providers to set it up. If the card is linked to a rewards program, you can also earn rewards on your spending.


Busy moms have enough stresses in their lives. Banking doesn't have to be one of them.

This article was originally published on Oct 22, 2013

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