Should Bethenny Frankel & Jason Hoppy fight in front of Bryn?

Bethenny Frankel and her husband have been spatting a lot on their reality TV show, making us wonder if they're still together — and if it's OK for their daughter.

I was listening to The Broads on the radio this morning, and they were talking about one of my (many) favourite reality TV shows, Bethenny Ever After. At one point in the convo, they wondered if Bethenny Frankel, 41, and her hubby, Jason Hoppy, are still together, since they’ve been fighting like cats and dogs (and I can tell you from my own experience having two cats and a dog, that cats and dogs fight like crazy — brutal lately).

So I started thinking about the celeb photos I’ve seen of Bethenny lately, and wondering if Jason was in any of them. Of course, when I opened up my trusty celeb-photo inbox this morning, there they were: Bethenny, Jason and their almost-two-year-old daughter Bryn walking the streets of NYC and playing in the park just yesterday.

Looks like they are, indeed, still together. Look at this sweet photo….

Another interesting thing came up during the radio show, though. One of the hosts said that, because Bethenny and Jason display their parenting to the world, we have a right to judge them. And the one criticism they had was that Bethenny and Jason fight too much in front of Bryn.

We just posted an entire article on fighting in front of your kids, so definitely check that. But what do you think?

DISCUSS: Do you think Bryn’s absorbing all the negative energy, as the hosts of the radio thought, and that it’s detrimental to her development? Or do you think it’s OK?

xo Haley-O

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