Would you eat your placenta?

A story in this week’s New York Magazine solicited some squeals around Today’s Parent HQ today, mainly, I think for the images accompanying the article (see page two). Have you heard about this trend of new moms munching on dehydrated afterbirth as a way to stave off PPD and generally boost their immunity?

After reading through the NY Mag piece and this one from The Star, I feel considerably less squeamish about the whole enterprise (though I don’t know that I’d dig in myself). What did irk me a little was the way the “placenta preparer” described some organs she’s worked with as “intense…with sadness or grief or uncertainty” while others are “joyful…big and round and fresh!” Isn’t that going a bit far? It’s one thing if the organ doesn’t look healthy, but it almost sounds like she’s reading the thing the way you would tarot cards.

What do people think about this practice? Have you tried it? Would you?

Image by jonny.hunter via Flickr.

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