Why celebrity gossip is important (plus Alyson Hannigan bump watch!)

Haley explains why celebrity family news is totally awesome and legit parenting information

By Haley Overland
Why celebrity gossip is important (plus Alyson Hannigan bump watch!)

As you know, How I Met Your Mother star Alyson Hannigan (37) is expecting her second child with hubby Alexis Denisof.

She was photo'd on a shopping spree with her gorgeous family on Montana Blvd., in Santa Monica, California, yesterday, looking happy, as always!

Alyson and Alexis shared loving looks, as little Satyana (2.5) swung between them, and frolicked in that sweet striped dress and flip flops along the boulevard.

Awww..., check out the pics (and then scroll down for my rant, hehe!)....

Why celebrity gossip is important (plus Alyson Hannigan bump watch!)  

Satyana is quite a pro flip-flop wearer at just 2.5 years old. I guess if you live in California, you learn to wear flip flops fast (say "flip flops fast" 10 times? Haha!).

Why celebrity gossip is important (plus Alyson Hannigan bump watch!)  

Before we go, for now, a little word to celebrity gossip judgers.

People are very quick to judge people who read (and write!) celebrity gossip. Some people, GASP, don't even think it belongs on the spectrum of parenting information. But, I vehemently disagree.

When I entered the scene here at, I thought a family oriented celebrity-gossip blog was definitely something that we needed pronto on our site, and the team agreed. Because even if one or two people shake their heads at it (the shame!) and wag their fingers (it's not parenting information!), moms (usually moms) LOVE CELEBRITY GOSSIP.

Sure, we could talk about slowcooker recipes, sleep solutions, pee and poop ALL DAY LONG. But why not lighten things up with a little celebrity candy? Why not, I ask you?

Parents (well, you know, mostly moms) love seeing the stars they love walk their kids to school, play in the park, paint ceramics with their kids, and embrace their growing pregnancy bods. They want to know what Brad and Angelina are feeding their kids (I still think it was a paid product endorsement!), that Gwyneth still bathes with her kids.

And, hey, if you want to get over-analytical, celebrity news is interesting, and it's informative and often reassuring for moms because it highlights the universality of parenting. Laaaa! Check out poor Jennifer Garner getting her sweater tugged by little Seraphina the other day, and trying to remain calm. We've ALL been there....

Why celebrity gossip is important (plus Alyson Hannigan bump watch!)  

Ahhh, we love it! It's fun. It's harmless. It's fascinating (to many of us).

So, Gorgeouses, join me in embracing our enjoyment of celebrity candy! Because we're having good clean, totally informative, relevant-to-parenting FUN. And we deserve it!

Besides, a lot of these celebs now accept this as part of the job, and stay relevant because of the paparazzi and our love of gossip. So don't feel guilty about that either. Some try to get even more in-our-face with reality TV shows and Twitter feeds. As Ellen Pompeo said to me in our interview last year, having the paparazzi around you all the time is a "luxury problem" to have. And, as you can see, it looks like Alyson Hannigan is feeling the love, and counting her blessings too.

xo Haley-O

Photo of Jennifer Garner by Pablo/FameFlynet Pictures

This article was originally published on Feb 09, 2012

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