When does a "funny kid video" stop being funny?

Amanda wonders if certain viral videos aren't okay to laugh at

By Amanda Factor
When does a "funny kid video" stop being funny?

Credit: atmtx

Today @HuffPostComedy tweeted this video of a kid caught doing the dishes while dancing to "Smooth Criminal." My initial reaction was "I love this kid! This is the funniest thing ever!" But after watching the end of the video, I had second thoughts.

This kid, who is no doubt awesome, was being secretly videotaped by his father. After about 40 seconds of busting out MJ-style moves, he catches his dad with the camera (who is laughing out loud), stands there awkwardly for a bit and then walks towards the cameraman (to murder him, I'm assuming?).

We don't know what actually happens next, of course. Maybe the kid and his pop had a good chuckle. But how does the kid feel about the video being on YouTube (where it's already racked up over 140,000 views)? He seems old enough to be embarrassed by being caught dancing in the kitchen. Is this video really funny, or was it mean of the kid's father to film it (and then post it online)?

Last week's hot viral video was brought to us by Jimmy Kimmel Live. Kimmel issued a challenge to his viewers, asking them to film themselves telling their kids they ate all their Halloween candy. What followed was a montage of confused, angry and in some cases sobbing kids. When I posted it to the Today's Parent Facebook page, most parents remarked that they didn't find the video funny at all; in fact, they thought the pranks were mean.

So when does a funny viral video involving kids become not funny at all? Before you share a "hilarious" video of your kid doing something that may come back to haunt them in their self-conscious teen years, do you ever worry you may be sharing too much?

Image by atmtx via Flickr.

This article was originally published on Nov 07, 2011

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