What makes a baby?

Alex is excited about a new book that will help answer this question in an inclusive way

By Alex Mlynek
What makes a baby?

Where do babies come from? This is a question most parents will get asked someday.

But Where do babies come from? and Where do I come from? are two different questions points out  Cory Silverberg, a sex educator from Toronto. And for an increasing number of families — for example those with babies conceived through IVF or adopted — Where do I come from? does not always have a simple answer.

This is why Silverberg has teamed up with Canadian illustrator Fiona Smyth to create a book that is inclusive in the way it answers the question of what makes a baby. It's unique because it doesn't leave anyone out.

Here's how they describe it on their Kickstarter page:

"All children deserve stories that teach them not only about how they are unique, but also about what connects them to all other humans. What Makes a Baby tells that story without leaving some people out because of their gender, orientation, or family make up."

I love this idea and have preordered it for my son. And since they've more than surpassed their Kickstarter fundraising goal, it looks like it will be here in June!

Want to learn more about how the idea came to be and what they hope the book accomplishes? Check out this video!

You can preorder the book on the Kickstarter page for $25 (e-book version is available for a $10 pledge), or you can contribute more and get some great stuff in return. For instance, for $500 you can get an original "pop portrait" of whomever you like by Smyth. These are super cute.

I love the enthusiasm, the creativity and the awesomeness that is bringing this book to the world.

Would you buy this book for your child?

This article was originally published on Feb 16, 2012

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