Welcome to Healthy Me Week!

Karine writes about the new national campaign to help fight childhood obesity and promote a healthier lifestyle.

By Karine Ewart
Welcome to Healthy Me Week!

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Healthy Me Week: June 4-10, 2012

Almost a year ago, Bev Deeth, President of Concerned Children’s Advertisers, gathered a group of media representatives, from television producers to magazine editors to corporate executives, to ask if they’d be interested in collaborating on an initiative to help raise awareness of childhood obesity. I was honoured to be included in that initial meeting. None of us knew exactly what we could do to help, but we were all willing to donate some time to see what we could come up with. What we ended up doing was launch a national campaign, called Healthy Me Week.

Fact: According to the Canadian Health Measures Survey, approximately 17 percent of Canadian children and youth are overweight, while 9 percent are clinically obese.

I know I don't need to tell you why this is such an important cause. Childhood obesity affects kids physically and psychologically, and often, the damage lasts a lifetime.

The Healthy Me Week campaign focuses on motivating and inspiring Canadian families to take action on their health, to set examples and guidelines to help them become more active. It will happen annual during the first week of June. This year, Today’s Parent, along with a whole host of media outlets, have committed to getting the word out there to our audience, whether its through blogs (like this!), commercials, advertisements and editorial coverage.

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Next year, we hope to have even more to offer during Healthy Me Week. In the meantime, let's all make an effort to educate ourselves and our kids.
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This article was originally published on Jun 07, 2012

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