We "dare" your kids to draw for Africa!

Learn how you and your kids can help raise thousands of dollars for the Stephen Lewis Foundation

Beginning yesterday, January 16th, our friends at Bunch Family and the Stephen Lewis Foundation are daring kids across Canada to take their 30-day Dare to Draw challenge, which raises money for kids, parents and grandparents in Africa, whose lives have been affected by HIV/AIDS. (For more information on the charity, check out the Dare Campaign Website.)

The challenge: Kids do a daily drawing assignment and parents sponsor them. Easy and fun! Kid friendly themes, info sheets and a pledge card have all been specially created for the project.

Celebrities with kids, including Sloan’s Andrew Scott and ET Canada’s Rick Campanelli (left, with his son, Noah), are also participating in the project.
So, what do you think? Will you and your kids do take the challenge? WE DARE YOU TO! Please keep us posted in the comments and on Twitter.

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