Tracy Moore: How does she do it?

Have you ever wondered how some parents manage to keep it all together? Here’s how the host of CityLine balances career and family.

By Today's Parent staff
Tracy Moore: How does she do it?

Michael Graydon

Who: CityLine host, age 36
Kids: Sidney, 3, and Eva, 1
Marital status: Happily married for 5 years

On relationships:

What is your secret to a happy relationship?
Make time to connect…even if you are dead tired and it just involves watching a favourite show together. Also, listen to each other (harder than it sounds).

What’s your favourite me-time activity?
Working out! If I could spend half the day at the gym, I would. And then I would spend my other half eating at a restaurant.

On parenting:

What is your parenting philosophy?
Do what works for your family and your kids.

What is the most unexpected thing you discovered only after you became a parent?
Sleep deprivation can make you seriously consider killing someone.

How do you put your kids to bed?  
Bath, bottle (for baby), book, kiss, hug, bed. 

Do your kids sleep through the night?
Yes! Hallelujah! (Please don’t jinx it by publishing this.)

What is the one parenting tool or trick you can’t do without?

What’s the best parenting advice you ever got?
Stop reading parenting books.

What do you do that makes your kids say, “You are so much fun!”
Dizzies! They are very high-tech. I put a blanket on Sid’s head, wrap his legs around my waist, and spin him around and around. We sing this song: Round and round and round we go. Where we stop nobody knows! And come to a screeching tumble on the sofa or bed. Tons ’o cheap fun. Eva enjoys a good belly tickle and being chased on hands and knees.

When was the last time you looked around and thought, “This is a good moment”?
Yesterday. I came home from work and had enough time to take off my makeup and clothes before the kids came home with Dad. The babes were so happy to see me they came rushing at me like I was a rock star. I spent the rest of the afternoon in comfy clothes, rolling around with them in the rec room. That was a good time.

On child care:

What do you do for child care?
Daycare for Sidney, home with Dad for Eva.

On food:

What is your typical weekend breakfast?
Steel-cut oatmeal.

How would you describe a typical dinner in your home?
Made by Dad. Anything yellow for Sid. Absolutely anything for baby (that girl can eat).

It’s 6 p.m. and you haven’t even thought about dinner: What do you do?
Eggs in some form.

On technology:

Do you prefer an iPhone or BlackBerry?
BlackBerry all the way.

This article was originally published on Sep 28, 2011

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