#ThisIsMyLife: Parents you'll see at the playground

There are all kinds of parents who go to the playground with their kids. Here are six kinds that you'll definitely see the next time you go.

By Leah Rumack

Title card for the This Is My Life comic. Title reads Parents youll see at the playground and shows an illustration of a play setIllustration of a hot mom holding her kids hand and a swaddled baby. Caption says Annoyingly Hot MomIllustration of a hipster-looking dad sitting on a bench. Caption reads Aging Hipster DadIllustration of mom doing pushups by the swingset with her kid on her back. Caption reads Workout MomIllustration of a playground with a slide that has a huge lump in the middle. Caption reads Caught-in-the-slide DadIllustration of a mom in a red coat with a speech bubble that reads, "Oh, excuse me, but your son is looking at the air. I just thought I should let you know" Caption reads Playground Cop MomIllustration of a dad on his phone at the playground. Speech bubble says "I love my iPhone 12. do you love my iphone 12?" behind him his kid is standing by the swings saying "daddy I'm dying" Caption reads Oblivious phone dad

Leah Rumack is the deputy editor of Today’s Parent. 

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