Things I've learned about parenting

On her last day with, Amanda looks back at her favourite blog posts

By Amanda Factor
Things I've learned about parenting

Today is my last day as web editor for and Over the past year and three months, I've definitely learned a lot about parenting and kids, to the point where my friends see me as some sort of "parenting expert," even though I'm not a mom! I am far from an expert, but I'm glad I had the opportunity to blog about topics that meant something to me (and learn a lot in the process).

Here is a roundup of the blog posts that I had the most fun writing.

This post about parents and smart phone addiction benefited from comments from our Facebook fans, who contributed tips on how I could curb my constant phone-checking. Managing Editor Nadine and Celebrity Candy blogger Haley even weighed in on how their smart phones actually help them be better parents.

Judging by the comments this post got, a number of you thought a phone stack was a great way to discourage texting and phone-checking while out for dinner with friends. But a few of you pointed out that this idea wouldn't work, as you might miss a crucial call from the babysitter.

I wasn't a huge fan of talk show host Jimmy Kimmel encouraging parents to prank their kids (and then film the resulting confusion and crying). I also worried that this video of a kid caught dancing to "Smooth Criminal" might come back to haunt him later in life. I still wonder, am I just being way too sensitive?

When you work for a parenting site, it's hard not to become obsessed with baby names! I was particularly fascinated by all the trendy new hipster baby names and fantasized about what I might name my future kids. It's fun to think about!

Out of all the videos I've blogged about, this clip of a teen telling his mother he's gay stuck with me the most. I love the mom's reaction. Parent of the Year 2012!

And I still think this video of a little girl portraying a "modern woman" is hilarious.

Big thanks to all of you for reading my posts and submitting your comments! Your feedback has been amazing.

Photo by katypearce via Flickr.

This article was originally published on Mar 30, 2012

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