Things I've learned about parenting

On her last day with, Amanda looks back at her favourite blog posts

Credit: katypearce/Flickr

Today is my last day as web editor for and Over the past year and three months, I’ve definitely learned a lot about parenting and kids, to the point where my friends see me as some sort of “parenting expert,” even though I’m not a mom! I am far from an expert, but I’m glad I had the opportunity to blog about topics that meant something to me (and learn a lot in the process).

Here is a roundup of the blog posts that I had the most fun writing.

This post about parents and smart phone addiction benefited from comments from our Facebook fans, who contributed tips on how I could curb my constant phone-checking. Managing Editor Nadine and Celebrity Candy blogger Haley even weighed in on how their smart phones actually help them be better parents.

Judging by the comments this post got, a number of you thought a phone stack was a great way to discourage texting and phone-checking while out for dinner with friends. But a few of you pointed out that this idea wouldn’t work, as you might miss a crucial call from the babysitter.

I wasn’t a huge fan of talk show host Jimmy Kimmel encouraging parents to prank their kids (and then film the resulting confusion and crying). I also worried that this video of a kid caught dancing to “Smooth Criminal might come back to haunt him later in life. I still wonder, am I just being way too sensitive?

When you work for a parenting site, it’s hard not to become obsessed with baby names! I was particularly fascinated by all the trendy new hipster baby names and fantasized about what I might name my future kids. It’s fun to think about!

Out of all the videos I’ve blogged about, this clip of a teen telling his mother he’s gay stuck with me the most. I love the mom’s reaction. Parent of the Year 2012!

And I still think this video of a little girl portraying a “modern woman” is hilarious.

Big thanks to all of you for reading my posts and submitting your comments! Your feedback has been amazing.

Photo by katypearce via Flickr.