There are no words...

We are sitting here in shock and horror over the news of the school shooting in Newton, Connecticut.

By Kristy Woudstra

There are no words...

Photo: CNN.com

Today, our hearts are heavy. Hearing about the shooting at the Connecticut elementary school brought many of us to tears: for the victims, for the survivors, for the teachers, parents, and, most especially, for the children. We are in shock.

It's hard to focus on work. Instead, we're following the news on a variety of sites and social media. At the moment, 27 people are reported dead, many of them children. We're reading touching comments and blogs in response to this tragedy that leaves us asking: Why? But all we really want to do is go home, hug our kids and whisper "I love you" over and over and over again.

Many of you are posting your thoughts on our Facebook page and we'd like to share some of them below. It is times like this when we can come together as a community to simply grieve.

"God bless these families. My heart goes out to them." ~Michelle Kulesh Benwiat

"My thoughts and prayers are with all the victims of this horrific tragedy. I will be hugging my babies often today and remembering how blessed I am to have them. Sending love." ~Shauna Munroe

"How can anyone do this to children? So, so sad very heartbreaking." ~Rose Jackson Batsell

"Just read about this I can't even begin to understand what these poor families are going through I just don't know how someone can do something so horrible." ~Nikki Michaelov

"My heart breaks for these poor people. Senseless. Just senseless. As a mom I can't help but cry." ~Jennifer Murphy

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