The best Oreo ad ever!

Find out why Alex thinks this goes beyond cookies and milk.

By Alex Mlynek
The best Oreo ad ever!

The most successful ads get people’s attention and boy has this Oreo ad – which many people are saying is just a mock-up of an unapproved ad – from South Korean marketing agency Cheil Worldwide done the trick.
My reaction when I first saw this? I thought it was hilarious, clever, playful and awesome.
Breastfeeding in public is still, sadly, controversial. So the more everyday images of breastfeeding out there the better.

Yes, breastfeeding is beautiful and personal, but it’s also about being practical. Sometimes, no matter where you are, you just have to whip a boob out. That can be easier for some than others. If you’re among the latter, check out these tips to help you get more comfortable nursing away from home.
So yay to this ad being out there. I hope Oreo’s parent company Nabisco approves it. Judging from the viral interest, they would be silly not to.
One thing I wonder about is: Do Oreos and breastmilk even taste good together? Kidding, kind of. Has your child ever told you what your breastmilk tastes like?
Also, what do you think about this ad?

UPDATE: Apparently Facebook thinks this ad goes too far. It's the latest breastfeeding image to be removed by the social network, for "violating" its policies. This time it was taken off of breastfeeding product company Hygeia's page, which is where I originally found it.

Image: Ads of the world

This article was originally published on Apr 19, 2012

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