The best camera apps for your phone

These smart phone apps are guaranteed to create some cool family photos.

By Jackie Middleton
The best camera apps for your phone

The best camera apps for your phone

Get snapping

Smartphones are changing the way we do everything—including how we capture family memories. Even the most inexperienced photographers can create arty, brag-worthy pictures with little effort. Be ready anywhere, anytime to catch life’s special moments. All you need is your smartphone and these apps for picture perfect family snaps.

The best camera apps for your phonePhoto: pixalot/iStockphoto

If you want arty photos, try…

Instagram (iPhone; Android, free), InstaPhoto (Blackberry, $2.99)

Eighty million users can't be wrong! Instagram is one of the most popular photo apps available. With its easy-to-use interface and Twitter-inspired following/follower social media set-up, Instagram is a winner. Android and iPhone users can add filter effects, captions and borders to design mini-photographic masterpieces. And Instagram's one touch upload to Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare or Flickr makes sharing your memories beyond easy. 

For Blackberry owners, InstaPhoto is the next best thing to Instagram. It features many of the same features at a low price.

The best camera apps for your phone


If you want retro-looking photos, try…

Hipstamatic (iPhone, $1.99), Retrocamera (Android, free), PixTrix (Blackberry, free)

If you love Instagram but want to ramp your smartphone pictures up a notch, try Hipstamatic, Retrocamera or PixTrix. Swap lenses and flashes, play with film speeds—you don't have to be a 35mm genius to craft photographs with full retro flavour.

And with Hipstamatic, you can share your work on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr as well as Instagram. Plus, you can order prints that will be sent directly to your door.

The best camera apps for your phonePhoto: Aleksandar Nakic/iStockphoto

If you want Polaroid-type pictures, try…

ShakeItPhoto (iPhone, $1.99), Roidizer (Android, free)
Relive your childhood and capture fun-filled memories in digital Polaroids. These apps provide a great opportunity to travel down memory lane with your kids. And if old habits die hard, iPhone users can even shake their app while the Polaroid develops.

Android fans can share their Roidizer pictures through Google+, Twitter and Facebook, while iPhone users can do the same via email or Facebook.

The best camera apps for your phonePhoto: RyanJLane/iStockphoto

If you want light trail effects, try…

Magic Shutter (iPhone, $2.99), Motion Camera (Android, free)
Magic Shutter and Motion Camera get lights to dance and stretch across your photos. Play with the controls on these apps and presto—pictures with glowing traffic lights, intense sunsets or fireworks with blazing trails.

The best camera apps for your phonePhoto: Pixalot/iStockphoto


If you want photobooth snaps, try…

Incredibooth (iPhone, $0.99), Pocketbooth (Android, $1.99), Photo Booth Pro (Blackberry, $1.99)
Who doesn't love the nostalgic feel of photo booth strips? Now you can enjoy photobooth-esque pictures on your smartphone. Each digital photo strip features four vertical snapshots. Best of all, you don't have to squeeze your kids and their friends into a cramped booth to enjoy the end result. Play with different filters and effects for a truly original photo souvenir. 

The best camera apps for your phonePhoto: mandygodbehear/iStockphoto

If you want comic book effects, try…

ComicBook! (iPhone, $1.99), Comic Strip It! Lite (Android, free)

POW! BOOM! WOW! Turn everyday photo opportunities into comic book images. Add visual effects, captions, speech and thought bubbles to your pictures or storyboard, and watch real life morph into a storybook adventure. Your children will be hooked, and so will you!

The best camera apps for your phonePhoto: iTunes App Store

If you want cartoonish photos, try…

ToonCamera (iPhone, $0.99), Cartoon Camera (Android, free)
If you loved the comic book photo apps, you’ll be in seventh heaven with these cartoon versions. Want to see your kids get animated? These creative apps give you the tools to apply different pencil, ink and cartoon effects to your pictures – and give Pixar a run for their money!

The best camera apps for your phonePhoto: iTunes App Store


If you’re a scrapbooking fan, try…

Labelbox (iPhone; Android, free)

Fun to use with a host of funky designs, Labelbox lets you emblazon stylish labels onto your photos. Add ribbons, candy wrappers, postage stamp, and sticky tape styles with the option of buying more motifs within the app. When you’re done, share your work easily on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Steply and Posterous.

The best camera apps for your phonePhoto: iTunes App Store

If you want multiple photos in one picture, try…

Pic Stitch (iPhone, free), Multi-lens Camera (Android; iPhone, free)
Want to showcase multiple images in one single framed photo? These apps let you select the number - two, three or four photos – and the layout. Choose from an exciting variety of compositions – stacked boxes, vertical columns, puzzle pieces, circles - to create a photo masterpiece unlike any other.

The best camera apps for your phonePhoto: Google Play

If you want panoramic images, try…

AutoStitch Panorama (iPhone, $1.99), Photaf Panorama (Android, free), Panorama Ultimate (Blackberry, $1.99)

Sometimes a single photo won’t properly convey a sprawling landscape, or a large group of people. For occasions when you crave a panoramic option, these simple apps can get everything (and everyone) in the picture. Perfect for scenic vistas on your family vacation, or your next family reunion.

The best camera apps for your phonePhoto: iTunes App Store


More apps!

The best camera apps for your phone
This article was originally published on Sep 20, 2012

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