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Stuff we love: 6 fun lunch ideas

Take your kids' lunches to a whole new level with these creative Etsy finds

By Kristy Woudstra
Stuff we love: 6 fun lunch ideas

Stuff we love: 6 fun lunch ideas

Reusable sandwich bags

These fun, handmade bags will help you lighten your footprint on the planet, too. The outer shell is made of unbleached cotton, while a nylon layer inside will keep lunches from getting messy. We're showing the skeleton print, but you can have these personalized especially for your child.
Where to Buy? Skeleton eco-friendly sandwich bag
HouseJewels, Rhode Island, U.S.

Stuff we love: 6 fun lunch ideasHouseJewels/Etsy

Washable lunch bag

These beautiful, handmade lunch bags come in a variety of fantastic prints. The best part? They can be thrown in the washer and the dryer!

Where to Buy? Washable lunch bag: Marvel comic squares
Ditzy and Dotty, Salisbury, England

Stuff we love: 6 fun lunch ideasDitzy and Dotty/Etsy


Lunch box napkins

What a great idea! Help kids keep sticky fingers clean with these bright napkins. Double-layered and made of pre-shrunk cotton, they come in sets of five. You can also choose from 10 different colours.
Where to Buy? Lunch box napkins
Yulco Creations, Iowa City, U.S.

Stuff we love: 6 fun lunch ideasYulco Creations/Etsy

Lunch box notes

These thoughtful notes are complete with original artwork and lots of room to wish your child luck on a test or to simply say "I love you." This is the rocket set, but you can also get penguins and dinosaurs. All come in sets of eight. This is a perfect way to send little notes of encouragement when they least expect it.
Where to Buy? Lunch box notes: Rocket set of 8
Drexart, New Orleans, U.S.

Stuff we love: 6 fun lunch ideasdrexart/Etsy

Snack sacks

One of every day of the week, these cute, reusable snack sacks will help you stay organized. The outer layer is 100% cotton and there's a water-resistent, food-safe nylon liner on the inside. Easy to wash, these are perfect for snack time.

Where to Buy? Snack Sacks
Mayah Grace Designs, Aubrey, U.S.

Stuff we love: 6 fun lunch ideasMayah Grace Designs/Etsy


The little lunch

These handmade lunch totes come in nine patterns and designs. Washable and dryable, your kid will want to take this tote everywhere!
Where to Buy? The Little Lunch
Sparrow and Sundry, Portland, U.S.

Stuff we love: 6 fun lunch ideasSparrow and Sundry/Etsy
This article was originally published on Mar 25, 2012

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