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How to kidnap-proof your kids

Check out these helpful and important tips on how to prevent the unthinkable from happening.

By Today's Parent staff
How to kidnap-proof your kids

Street smarts: Teaching kids about stranger danger

Learning about stranger danger

We often tell our kids not to talk to strangers, but what are some of the basics that kids should know before they head out the door? The Hamilton, Ont. police force recommends that kids memorize their full name, address and phone number — and understand where the safe places in their neighbourhood are located.

The Hamilton, Ont. police force also advises that parents role play some common "trick" scenarios predators use on kids.

Read on to find out the most commonly used tricks. >>

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The "Help" Trick

According to the Hamilton police, a predator may ask a child to help them find a lost pet or asks for directions.

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The "Emergency" Trick

Sometimes a predator will try to lure away a child by telling them that there has been a family emergency and the child needs to go with them to help.

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The "Accident" Trick

A predator might lie on the ground and pretend to be injured in order to draw people to him.

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The "Animal" Trick

Sometime a predator will hold a small animal and invite a child to touch it in order to start up a conversation.

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The "Bribe" Trick

Lastly, a predator might promise candy, money, or something else of interest to a child.

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Role play scenarios with children

The Hamilton Police Department suggests using role play with children to help them understand certain situations that may arise. Children should learn to trust their "uh oh" feeling when it comes to confrontations with strangers.

Teach kids to...

-No: Say “NO” with confidence
-Go: Take three big steps back, run in the opposite direction
-Yell: “You are NOT my parent!”
-Tell: Tell parents immediately

How to kidnap-proof your kidsPhoto: iStockphoto

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How to kidnap-proof your kids

How can we help our kids recognize a potential (heaven forbid) kidnapping situation? The Hamilton, Ont., police offer these incredibly helpful and important tips.

This article was originally published on Jun 03, 2013

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