Secrets of happy moms

We asked: What makes moms happy? You answered: Our kids! And a few other things too.

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Secrets of happy moms

I’ve always considered myself a happy person, but I never really knew happiness until my daughter was born. Seeing her explore new things makes my day, every day!
Nikki vee, via

My two daughters blow my mind each and every day! How can I not feel happy?
Roxanne Roy, mom of Aviyon, 10, and Maria, 6, Toronto

I forgot about the sleepless nights whenever my baby laughed or smiled back at me. I’ve been happy my whole life, but I’ve never been happier than I am now that I’m someone’s mom!
Holly, mom of Joshua, 3, and Nora, 4 months, Ottawa

When I need to raise my spirits, I take some time by myself, whether to read a book or run errands. I always feel better afterward, ready to meet whatever challenges come my way.
Rhea Stobbs, mom of Xander, 6, and Marcus, 2½, Regina

Happiness is more a conscious choice than a destination, as in “I’ll be so happy when….” So how do you choose happiness when schedules are busy and kids are sick? I stop, take a breath and take 10 minutes to feel sorry for myself. Then I think of three ways in which I’m blessed.
Margaret Prophet, mom of Jacob, 2½, Barrie, Ont.

For me, alone time is like gold, including grocery shopping without my three kids. Everyone needs time to recharge and for me that cannot happen unless I leave the house.
Bonnie Dani, mom of Aidan, 4, Lincoln, 2½, and Adelyne, 5 months, Edmonton

My son is the joy of my life. When he’s happy, I’m happy.
Maria Lopes-Bernard, mom of Andrew, 3, Richmond Hill, Ont.

Sleeping in one day a week raises my spirits. My son’s dad watches him so I can get a couple extra hours.
Stacy, via

Seeing the wonderful people my kids have become. This kind of joy can only be experienced through parenthood.
Violet Aston, mom of Steve, 20, Jack, 16, and Amelia, 11, Barrie, Ont.

Happiness is all about attitude. Yes, I enjoy a spa treatment, ladies-only evenings or glass of wine over dinner with my hubby sans kids — but only when I’m confident that my children have all they need from me. Happy, healthy, loved kids + a little me-time = one happy mommy!
Kerie-Lynn McAfee, mom of Charlotte, 2½, and Kieran, 6 months, Whitby, Ont.

I’m kind to myself. That means I take care of my family, but also myself — physically and mentally! I’m realistic about what I can handle and ask for help when I needed it. I don’t sweat the small stuff.
Viola Hoo, mom of Amelia, 5, Malcolm, 3, and Cameron, 1, Ottawa

This article was originally published on Oct 24, 2011

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