School-age Halloween games

Having a Halloween party? There will never be a dull moment with these seven spooky school-age games.

By Today's Parent staff
School-age Halloween games

Mummy Remembers

1. Have kids look at a tray filled with 10 to 15 Halloween objects (plastic spiders and bats, little pumpkin, clown nose, etc.) for one minute. 2. After you remove the tray, older kids write down all the objects they recall. 3. For younger children, use fewer objects. Instead of writing what they remember, they can draw pictures or try to list the items aloud.

Pin the Face on the Jack-o’-Lantern

1. Draw a big pumpkin on Bristol board, and play Pin the Face on the Jack-o’-Lantern. 2. Blindfolded kids can attach eyes, nose and mouth, and then admire the Picassoesque effect.

Beanbag Toss

1. Draw the monster of your choice on a big box for example a Dracula. Cut out a generous mouthhole, and pick up some rubber spiders at the dollar store to toss in. 2. Cauldron Throw is the same idea, only the kids are trying to toss yucky ingredients into a big pot (a plastic garbage can works well). 3. Plastic bats, spiders and lizards, some fake spider webbing and tiny rubber balls (for eyeballs) can all go into the potion. Variation: To make this a more involved game, hide the ingredients and send the kids on a treasure hunt for them first.


Mad Libs

For kids who can read and print reasonably well this is a fun story game! 1. Create the frame of your Halloween story, with a number of blanks, ahead of time. 2. Before you read it, have the kids create a list that will be used to fill in the blanks: a disgusting food, an action, a monster, a creepy sound. 3. Then the kids add their own words to your story.

Catch the Monster's Tail

This game is best for older ghouls and boys needing to burn off some steam. 1. First, three to nine kids line up. 2. All players hold the waist of the child in front of them. 3. The last child tucks a handkerchief or sock into a back pocket so that it sticks out. 4. Now, while they all hold on tight, the first in line tries to grab the handkerchief. Tip: With more kids, form several teams. Be prepared for lots of laughs and shrieks as they all run in circles.

Feeling Fine


1. Place a cardboard carton flap side up. 2. Then cut a hole, large enough to fit a child's arm, in two opposite sides of the box. With markers, bingo dabbers and stickers, jazz it up. 3. When nobody is snooping, open the top flap and place five Halloween items inside the box. 4. Taking turns, kids reach through the holes, describe and name the object they are touching. Tips: For the fearless, try squishy, slimy things like cold cooked spaghetti (monster guts), peeled grapes (eyeballs) and Jell-O (brains). Yuck!

Ghostly Giggle Tent Walk

1. Set a start and a finish line for your “race.” Choose an open space without any steps, holes or other obstacles that could lead to bumps or bruises. 2. Drape a large white sheet over all of the players to make a giant ghost. 3. The object of the game is for the ghost to make its way to the finish line without: dropping the sheet; any of the players winding up outside the sheet; and anyone falling down. Note: To make the game more challenging for older kids, create a safe but spooky obstacle course. Place a few objects, such as plastic cones or bowling pins, in a curved path. Kids must make their way around the obstacles without knocking any of them over.

This article was originally published on Oct 01, 2011

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