Peter says: Wish us luck

Lisa and Peter could use some extra luck (and probably towels) this weekend.

By Peter van de Geyn
Peter says: Wish us luck

(First of all, Lisa realized she didn’t take a picture of the Father’s Day gifts Addy and Peyton gave Zaidy and Opa — they each got a laptop case with the kids’ pictures on it. It seemed to be a hit with both dads.)

So yeah, we need luck. This is it. This is the weekend we potty train Addy. (If anyone’s looking for us, we’ll be outside all day Saturday and Sunday with two kids — one in princess underwear and no diaper.) We’re taking your advice and doing this thing cold turkey. If all goes according to plan, Little Miss Hates to be Dirty will pee through her Belle and Sleeping Beauty undies a few times (we’re crossing our fingers for a poop-less Saturday) and realize she wants to use the toilet.

This will be our first real push (besides begging and bribing) to get her trained, and we’re hoping that by this time next week, we’ll have one kid in diapers during the day. (Wishful thinking?)

As far as bribery goes, Addy will get the following when she successfully pees, poops, whatever, on the throne:

-Zaidy’s taking her to a restaurant — just the two of them — for a big sundae
-Lisa’s taking her to buy a pretty pink princess backpack for school
-She’ll get that dollhouse that’s been up in her closet for more than a year
-She’ll get a pony. (If that’s what it takes, I’m willing.)
-She’ll get a party thrown in her honour
-She’ll get Wendy’s for dinner, plus as many cupcakes, cookies, chocolate bars, bags of all-dressed chips she wants
-Lisa has committed to writing her a cheque in any amount

Basically, she’ll get whatever her little heart desires. And I’m OK with that.

I should mention this: Addy’s new thing is telling us she’ll be ready to go on the potty “when I’m four.” (No idea where this kid gets her sarcasm from. Ahem.) If this pee-outside-all-over-yourself-until-you’re-desperate-to-sit-on-a-toilet thing doesn’t work this weekend, guess who’s turning four next weekend? We’re serious. Lisa has no problem throwing Addy a birthday party three months early and telling the kid she’s four now. Desperate times …

Any last-minute outdoor-training tips from folks who’ve done it (successfully or not) before?

This article was originally published on Jun 21, 2012

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