Peter says: Winter tires are as important as seat belts

He knows they’re not cheap but Peter is a serious advocate for winter tires. Where do you stand?

By Peter van de Geyn
Peter says: Winter tires are as important as seat belts

So this isn’t a post about sleep, toddler behaviour, etc., but it absolutely involves the safety of my kids and yours, and I feel it is something worth discussing. I know it’s a balmy seven degrees in Toronto right now but we all know the snow is right around the corner and I have winter tires on my mind.
I have been using winter tires on my cars since 1996. (Yes, Lisa, I know; you didn’t even have your driver’s licence then.) My wife has been using winter tires since we got married four years ago. Shockingly (to me), none of our parents have winter tires on their vehicles. Having used winter tires for so long I find it unbelievable that everyone (in our icy, snowy part of the country) doesn’t use them, and being a parent I can’t imagine why anyone would put their children in a car in the winter without them. To me it’s like putting your kid in the car and not buckling them in.
In Quebec it is against the law NOT to have winter tires installed on your car. If you’re one of those parents who drive in snowy conditions without the proper tires, I’m betting it’s because you’ve never tried them – the difference is night and day and the improved safety is a no brainer (even if you feel you can’t afford them). I know you can’t control everything in life but you might as well take an advantage when you can.
I have a brand new set of winters mounted on beautiful alloy wheels (can’t stand the black steel wheel thing, but that’s another story) ready to install on our brand new Mazda5. Lisa thought we wouldn’t need to spend the extra money this year (considering the car is only a few weeks old) but, obviously, I begged to differ.
How many of you are using winter tires? What’s your take on making winter tires on vehicles a law (in provinces where it makes sense)? 

This article was originally published on Nov 10, 2011

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