Peter says: What have sports taught your child?

Soccer's been good for Addy — here's why.

Addy gets into the game.

Addy’s been under the weather on and off since school started (damn germy kids and their underdeveloped immune systems) so she’s missed two weeks of soccer — and we’ve all missed it.

Since joining Little Kickers in May to prep Addy for school — to get her listening to other adults and playing with kids her age — we’ve discovered that Addy’s really into the game. She looks forward to getting out there every weekend with the rest of the kids and Coach Joe. What makes me really happy is that she gets to spend more time with kids her age — she’s starting to get a bigger social circle than me, which is cool. She is also learning to listen and follow instructions — something she hasn’t been excelling at lately at home. (I guess listening to Coach Joe and Ms. E is more important than listening to her parents right now. I get it.) She is improving her hand-eye coordination, as well as balance with all the drills and warm-ups they do. Lisa thinks it’s given her more confidence too; Addy often mentions getting to go to the gym at school, and she knows just what to do with the balls the kids get to throw and kick.

This whole soccer thing has been a fun learning experience for Lisa and me, too. This is the first organized group situation Addy has been in. It is interesting to see and compare your child with the rest of the children in the group. Is your kid faster, slower, a better listener, better or worse at following directions and executing the skills? It’s kind of cool to watch. I know Lisa’s having a blast cheering for Addy and the other little ones on the “team” — she’s turned into a serious soccer mom. Who knew?

What’s been the most important skill/lesson that sports have taught your preschooler?

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