Peter says: Vacation guilt

Peter's wondering if he's the only one who doesn't want to go away with little ones.

By Peter van de Geyn
Peter says: Vacation guilt Peter's not ready to take the kids up in the air

I hear and read lots of stories about parents taking their kids on vacation, which I think is nice. What I don’t understand is why parents take their kids when they are super young? If my kid is too young to remember the vacation, why spend the money to take them along? For parents who want to get away but don't have family nearby to watch the kids, I totally get it — everyone needs a break. I just don't get taking a toddler to Disney or the Bahamas when she will never have any memories of it, and you and your spouse will be catering to her the whole time. (It's cheaper to stay home and cater to them!)

Maybe it is the fact we didn’t do a lot of vacations when I was young, and neither did Lisa's family. Or maybe it's because I can't fathom travelling with the kids.

I have to travel for work and just getting myself through check-in, customs and boarding the plane can be a pain. To have Lisa and kids with me would be even more stressful. I also can't picture being able to relax while watching my two little ones running around an amusement park or a beach. I know I sound like a big worrywart, but I'm really not one. (I have Lisa for that!)
What I like about not taking my kids away until, say, Addy is six and Peyton is four, is that it gives me and Lisa time to save money to pay for a fun vacation! (Or try to!)

What's the ideal age to take your kids away with you?

This article was originally published on May 04, 2012

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