Peter says: Toilet talk

Peyton's been talking about poop. A lot.

By Peter van de Geyn
Peter says: Toilet talk

“Have to poo.”
“Have to make more poo.”
“Peypee make more poo now?”
It seems that these days Peyton is doing a lot of talking about poop. She’ll tell anyone who will listen that she has to “make more poo.” She’s kind of fixated on her bum (the kid has been scratching under her diaper a bit) and pooping. I guess there are worse things and, really, it is kind of funny and cute. (Don’t tell Lisa I said that. As a typical guy, I find toilet talk hilarious, obviously.)
In all honesty, I do worry a bit because she’s also said things like “bum hurts” when she’s going on about making “more poo.” We think she’s been a bit constipated, and have been trying to get more fibre and less crap (pun intended) into her. When she tells us that her bum hurts and I check her diaper, there’s usually nothing in it, and her bum is a bit red, but there’s never any rash or anything like that. I don’t like the thought of her bum hurting and associating pain with pooping, as we are also trying to get her to use the toilet like her big sister. (And we’re crossing our fingers we don’t have to wait until she’s four years old to do it.)
When did I become a guy who talks about his toddler’s bum? Oy.
Anyone have ideas of what might be going on? Should we be taking her to the doctor? Do/did your toddlers talk about their toilet habits?

This article was originally published on Mar 13, 2013

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