Peter says: The (brutally) terrible-twos

Peyton's still going through the crazy toddler phase, and Peter's had enough.

By Peter van de Geyn
Peter says: The (brutally) terrible-twos

First thing's first: Lisa filled you in on how she's been feeling the other day, so I figured I should follow up on a few things that I've blogged about recently:

  • The birthday party we took Addy to was a huge success. She had a great time playing with her school friends, and even Peyton had fun running around. We spent $28 on the gift — we went with a game, puzzle and book (all princess, obviously).
  • Peyton, who you might recall was obsessed with talking about poop, has moved onto new topics.
  • Peyps is happy to use the toilet to pee, but only when she feels like it, and particularly when she can pee overtop Addy's pee. She doesn't do it all the time, and hasn't attempted to poop on the potty yet. (One thing at a time.)
  • Addy is still a nightmare when she has to take any kind of medicine, pill or liquid. Meanwhile, Peyton begs for yummy meds, and gets mad when we won't just give them to her. She is her mother's daughter.
  • Addy hasn't cried at school in more than two months. Lisa's already worried about how she'll adjust to going back after two months off in the summer.
  • I'm finally getting a little privacy when I use the bathroom in the morning. TMI, I know. The kids — who used to watch Daddy on the toilet — are happy to play in one of their rooms or go downstairs and watch TV. This makes my morning magazine reading much more peaceful.

Now that you're up to date, Peyps has been a monster for the past two weeks. She hit the terrible-twos early (at 16 or 18 months), so we figured she'd be out of the toddler terror days early. Wrong. She's been worse lately — throwing crazy tantrums, yelling at us, barking orders, picking fights with Addy, etc. At least once a day Lisa and I say, "It's a good thing she's so damn cute..." The only time she seems content is when she's 1) eating (which she wants to do 23 hours a day 2) she's sleeping and 3) she's talking about her little boyfriend, Tyler.

Anyway, it goes without saying that we're hoping her nasty behaviour ends before the terrible-twos turn into the tremendously-brutal-threes.

Did your kids go through the terrible-twos? When did it start, and how long did it last?

This article was originally published on Apr 26, 2013

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