Peter says: Peyton throws a fit

The van de Geyns know all about toddler tantrums.


At 20 months, Peyton has hit the terrible twos early. The kid is crazy. (I’m her father, so I can say that.) It seems we get the worst part of her days (and behaviour). By the time the kids get home, Peyton is GRUMPY. She’s whiny, she cries and she spends most of her time between dinner and bed screaming at us. I have no idea what’s up with her. When the kid is happy and having fun, she’s a sweet little thing (of course), but she’s not very fun to be around when she’s miserable. (Addy has even started saying, “Why is Peyton whining SOOO much?”)  

My fear is that we have another year or so of this crazy crying. Neither of our kids were colicky, and we’re wondering if this is some kind of payback. I’m hanging on to the hope that she’ll quit her whining once she starts speaking more, but who knows.

Did your toddlers go through the terrible twos (or a terrible 20-month) stage? Does it ever end?

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