Peter says: Mommy (and Daddy?) guilt

So Lisa and I had to take my mother to the airport Friday right after work. By the time we dropped her off, stopped for a bite (it was way past dinnertime at that point) and finally got to my in-laws’ place to pick Addy up, it was around 9, which sucks because Addy’s bedtime is 8:30. Both of us (more Lisa than me, I think) felt bad because we hadn’t spent five minutes with Addy all day and it was already past her bedtime. What’s worse, there was a one-year-old-ish girl with curly hair in the restaurant where we stopped to eat, which made Lisa sad and subsequently spoiled my prime rib. (Just kidding.)

Similar thing happened last week when I had an evening industry event downtown and told Lisa I’d pick her up around 7 if she stayed at the office. Not only was she itching to get home to Addy, I found myself anxious to leave the shmoozing to get home to her too. I guess we both have a little bit of that “mommy guilt” I’ve heard so much about. With both of us working full-time and not getting home until around 6:30 on a normal night, we’ve been feeling really limited on time with her. 

Anyway, here’s my question: Is Lisa experiencing a bit more separation anxiety than usual because she’s just gone back to work, or will she (we) feel guilt-ridden every time we want to go out alone? We’re pretty much homebodies but we do like to go out once in a while and it wouldn’t be much fun for either of us if we’re thinking about how much time we’re missing with Addy. 

Any thoughts?




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