Peter says: Let's make a deal, honey

So Lisa and I have “deals” about certain chores in the house and with the kids. (If I was smart I’d get her to sign a legally binding document acknowledging these deals and have it notarized.) Here’s the best deal I’ve ever made:

I’ll change all “home” diapers if Lisa changes all “away” diapers.

I scored big with this one. I’ve watched Lisa change filthy dirty diapers at a number of comical places: friends’ houses, the museum, malls, the back seat of our car, the front seat of our car, the trunk of our car, the zoo, the floor at our hairdresser’s, restaurants, you name it, she’s changed them there. Thirty-five months after making this deal, she doesn’t even bother to ask or glare at me when we’re out and one (or both) of the kids are dirty. We have a deal.

It is true that we’re home more often than not and I get stuck with some really disgusting craptastrophes, but at least I’ve never been half inside our trunk with a bare-bummed kid wiggling around while strangers (including a policeman) gawked at me.

This “deal” we made came up when we had friends over Saturday and Dad watched as Mom changed baby’s full diaper. I piped up and told them that when we’re out and Lisa’s around, I don’t “do” diapers. I think Dad was wildly impressed.

So I want to know — mostly for sport and to come up with ideas for more deals that I can pitch to Lisa — if you and your spouse have any agreements about division of labour when it comes to the kids or the house. Will he take out the garbage if you scrub toilets? Does he let you sleep in on weekends if you do all of the grocery shopping? (I hate grocery shopping.) Will he feed the kids dinner if you feed them breakfast?

I’m pretty sure every household and all parents strike deals sometimes. Share yours with me. I need inspiration.

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