Peter says: It's CRUNCH TIME

Peter's had it with two kids in diapers and needs your help more than ever before.

By Peter van de Geyn
Peter says: It's CRUNCH TIME

This kid is adorable. Now only if she'd pee on the toilet

Parents: Need your assistance, pronto.

I'm aware that Lisa and I have discussed the topic of potty training numerous times in this blog (and about a million more times at home), but we are now coming down to the wire. As you know, Lisa registered Addy (who turns four in September) for junior kindergarten, and the kid is still in diapers! We have a mere four months to get her butt onto the toilet and in underwear.

It's not that Addy isn’t smart or doesn’t understand how to use the toilet — she just seems uninterested about losing her diaper. She's stubborn. Like her mother. We have tried bribery ...the windfall this kid gets if she “makes on the potty” will rival Christmas/Hannukah! When we talk to her about it, she listens and then, without answering, she calmly changes the subject. I swear she could be a politician; the way this kid can transition a conversation is seamless. When she doesn't change the subject, she does this:

Me (or Lisa, or anyone else): "Addy, when are you planning on peeing on the toilet?"

Addy: "In 10 minutes." 


"Next Wednesday."


"When I'm five."
I need to hear the stories/methods you used with your children to make the transition, and how long it took to end diapers for good, please.

It's not cute anymore. It's gross and annoying. Also, Lisa got in trouble from the principal at Addy's new school because we haven't trained her yet. This HAS to happen. 

This article was originally published on May 17, 2012

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