Peter says: I’m not into co-sleeping

Someone’s figured out how to escape her crib, and Peter’s not thrilled.

By Peter van de Geyn
Peter says: I’m not into co-sleeping

Well, it happened the other night. Peyton figured out how to get out of her crib. (Damn!) This is not good news. We don't know how she did it — the kid is clearly a climber. Addy never even attempted to get her out of her crib when she was Peyton’s age. (That said, we moved Addy into a big girl bed around the time she was 21 or 22 months — we needed the crib for the new baby.)

While some parents probably think it’s cute when a kid can escape, walk to mommy and daddy’s room and get into their bed for a cuddle, I’m not so impressed. In fact, sharing my bed is one of the least enjoyable parts of having kids so far. The thought of my king-size bed being taken over by two kids is more than I can deal with. With Addy sprawled across our bed most nights, I only get about 18 inches of space. I’m a big guy, so either my rear end or my belly is hanging off the bed at all times. (It really makes for a very comfortable quality sleep. Sarcasm.)

Our anniversary is next month and I’m pitching we buy another king-size bed (or even mattress — I’ll take what I can get) and put it directly across from our bed in our room. If Peyton is anything like her bed-hog-knees-in-my-butt-arm-in-my-face sister, it’s totally worth the investment — I can’t sleep on a sliver of mattress for the next decade. (Lisa’s not sold, but we’ll see what happens when she ends up on her night table a few more times — she woke up with her pillows and head on it this morning.)  

Poll: Kids climbing out of their cribs — cute or totally annoying? (Be honest; you know where we stand.)

How old were your kids when they could free themselves from their crib?

This article was originally published on Jul 04, 2012

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