Peter says: I'm not a babysitter

Peter's wondering why moms get so upset when dads refer to themselves as "babysitters"

Credit: domesticat

I’m officially off work and on vacation and yesterday I was home alone with the kids for five hours. Stupidly, I made a comment about how it was crazy that I had to babysit while trying to enjoy my vacation and my poor wife blew a fuse. 

“You’re their father, not their babysitter,” she yelled shouted screamed said. 

For the record, I wasn’t babysitting my kids. And for the record, Lisa usually finds me funny (just saying). Obviously I’m their father, and if I’m hanging out with the kids on my own, by definition, I am kind of babysitting.

So, out of sheer interest and curiosity, I’m wondering: Moms, does it bother you when your husband says/jokes/suggests that he’s babysitting his kids when he’s with them alone? Why or why not? 

Photo by domesticat via Flickr

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