Peter says: gifts, gifts and more gifts

Peter's got something to say about how commercialized Valentine's Day has become

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Well it’s V-Day — another day that has been taken over by retailers to guilt everyone into spending money. I know; it’s a bit harsh and the fact of the matter is that I love the look on Lisa’s face when I give her something nice. But do we really need to be forced/guilted into buying gifts because society says, “don’t be a cheapskate and, if you love her, you’ll buy your wife something really nice.” I don’t know about you, but Lisa and I have a big mortgage, two car payments (we went with the Mazda6, by the way), insurance costs, credit cards and all the costs associated with raising two young kids. Don’t get me wrong I love my wife and kids, house, driving two new cars and everything else. What I don’t like is the commercialism of holidays in general where one is made to feel like a dirt bag if he doesn’t buy something nice enough for his beloved.
I guess this blog took a decidedly negative tone on what is actually a very nice day. I didn’t really mean to rant on about it but it really does kind of bother me how commercialized holidays have become.
All that said, I did pick up something nice for Lisa, but I can’t tell you here because she will read this before I have a chance to give it to her.
Do you buy Valentine’s presents for your spouse? Moms, do you expect your husbands/partners to get you something?

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